DMV Called The Police For No VIN Numbers!

I enjoy your articles! This happened to me. I picked up a basket case a few years ago. I got a Colorado salvage title with it and a bill of sale for the frame, the engine & transmission. It was a 1980 80 inch, the frame was a 1958, it was a pretty complete basket. There were lots of swap meet parts and such. I only used a few pieces of that stuff.

Anyway after I built the scooter I took it to DMV to have get it titled and a license. They said, "You have removed the numbers on the goose neck we can't title that", and they called the State Police.

I told them that Harley didn't put the Vin numbers of the frame until 1966 or 68. It just so happened the cop that showed up was into Harley's and told them I was right so finally, after a lot of phone calls back and forth to DMV Salem, they finally gave me a new title with new Oregon numbers.

So you might add, if you have trouble at the DMV be prepared to do a lot of talking and waiting for them to straighten things out, not many people at DMV know anything about motorcycles. Thanks for your articles and keep them coming. I save them all to draft so I can look things up again.

Best regards,
Paul "Shifter".

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Apr 22, 2014
Kudos to you
by: Tufdog

Hi Paul,

Well done !
I appreciate the way you handled that situation and for sharing your experience with us.

Ride safe

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