Why You Should Identify Your Parts!

by Trike
(Wayzata, MN)

Identify your parts! Two points here:

1. I used to engrave with a cheap hardware store engraver, the full zip code number for my home on the bike part where it won't usually show. This is a 9 digit number that identify your home to the post office. If parts are stolen, tell the cops about the number. It will identify your part literally to your front door, and it doesn't compromise your identity!

2. Take every receipt you have for ALL the bike parts, (and even the warranty cards) and scan them into your home computer. Put these files on a flash drive (Memory stick) and keep it in your pocket. If there is any 'legal questions' on your bike or the parts, you have instant proof of purchase, and of warranty in the event of replacement. You can also easily download your full insurance documents at any public library if needed on the road. Also add a list of phone numbers and e-mails you may want along the way. Remember to encrypt the data (easy to do) so no one can read the data without your permission.

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Mar 17, 2010
Safety design
by: Sam T

There are a lot guys who like the radical look of "ape hanger" bars, but there is a couple of reasons to avoid this-first of all, if you ride with your hands above your chest for very long, it's going to get more uncomfortable every mile. Your heart doesn't like the extra work, and your hands can become prone to numbness, especially as you age.
If your bike is a show pony, it really won't matter if you use ape hangers, but this design can kill you, or scare hell out of you if you ride it on the street. Idiots exist around every corner, and as a biker, if you aren't ready for stupid drivers, you will be a short timer. People pull out in front of you unexpectedly, change lanes when your'e beside them, and just not see you at entersections and turn in front of you. If you are not extremely sharp and driving defensibly, you will lose limbs or life when this happens. Ape hangers give little control in these situations, and you need every advantage to avoid bad accidents. Normal bars give quite an advantage compared to ape hangers. Keep this in mind when you brainstorm your design, stay alive to enjoy your creation!

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