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The Custom Chopper Report -- Bike Builders Boot Camp, 2004
August 31, 2004

How To Build Custom Motorcycles On Demand And Turn Them Into HUGE Profits!

I have some exciting news for you!
Mike Mathews, author of Custom Bike Building Secrets , is putting on a one of a kind Bike Builders Boot Camp. We were going to wait and notify you of this killer boot camp, but because there is an early-bird discount and bonuses, I couldn’t wait to get it to you…I know it will be one of the best events you take part in.

Listen to what Mike Mathews has to say.

We’ll be in touch with you again shortly.

Take it easy.

PS: This WILL BE the most exciting event to ever take place in the Bike Building Industry. Even for the advanced bike builder. Even for the novice builder: Read more.



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