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The Custom Chopper Report, Issue #008 -- Gift ideas for chopper owners
December 03, 2004

14 Biker Gifts And Ideas

Shopping for biker gifts can be a tricky decision. Not all people understand
bikers and they don't always know what motorcycle gifts are good. Well, here is a list of products that would make wonderful gift ideas for the motorcycle lover and the hard core biker. We've done the shopping for you...

Choose from this when you need to get a gift for a biker friend or family member, or even if you are a biker yourself.

List Of Biker Gift Ideas:

  • Harley Davidson Share: This is our favorite gift idea. Buy a share in Harley Davidson, framed and all. Guaranteed to get a smile from everyone who sees it. You just have to get one for yourself or your favorite biker. It's one of those rare gifts that increases in value too!

  • Boots: Without a doubt, motorcycle boots are always a great gift. Harley Davidson boots might be the favorite brand amongst bikers (and non bikers). And this web site has the best deals, including shipping and return policies, on motorcycle boots.

  • Biker Gloves: Biker gloves are constantly wearing out. Get a good pair for winter and summer conditions. A great biker gift idea.

  • Motorcycle Cover: Every bike owners needs a cover. And if you or your biker don't have one here's where you can get one (this site is also one of our favorite places to shop for bike and auto tools, gadgets, and other cool stuff. See the green gift ideas link on the Nav bar. Check it out.)

  • Bandanas and Head Wraps: One of the most popular gifts for a biker. Gives them their 'biker image', while at the same time helps to keep hair and sweat out of the eyes. Available in different designs such as checkered flag, skull and bones, ying and yang, chains, money etc. Head wraps also come in additional styles including rebel eagle, flames, chains and skulls, and many more.

    A good place to start shopping for these biker gift ideas is Ebay But you better register first.

  • Adult Novelty Items: Strictly for the adult biker. Includes adult design key chains, single and double spiked chokers, handcuffs, leg irons, thumb cuffs, and spiked wristbands. There are many 'interesting items' on Ebay.

  • Body Jewelry: Helps to complete the rebel biker image. Available in piercing and non piercing categories. Many different styles are now on the markets including tribal body jewelry, unusual body jewelry, exotic body jewelry, glow-in-the-dark varieties, and many more. Hordes of rings, barbells, curved barbells available for all types of tongue, nose, eye, lip, and navel piercing. Faux body jewelry can be given to bikers without any piercing. All in all, a cool gift.

    We were referred to this site for body jewelry. Apparently they have the best prices and jewelry.

  • Unusual License Plates: A gift which is both cool as well as highly functional. Along with the license number, can also have designs such as silver skulls, redneck and rebel flag, Vietnam vets, and stars and stripes according to the individual personality of the biker. This web site has unusual license plates.

  • Flasks and Cigar Holders: Useful to keep water or perhaps even a drink handy. Flasks can either be made of metal or leather. Even a combination of the two is available which holds a cigar on one side and is a flask on the other.

    Here's where we found a good price on a nice Cigar Holder, and a Stainless Steel Flask.

  • Jewelry: Is a favorite gift item for all people including bikers. Specially designed jewelry for bikers also makes for a good gift idea. Choose from motorcycle chain necklaces, assorted biker rings, motorcycle chain bracelets, and biker earrings. Come in large links for men and small links for women.

    If you want to buy jewelry and get the best pricing, this is your site. Highly recommended.

  • Wallets, Lighters, and their Cases: Three fold chain wallets which become as small as 4" when folded. Zippo style lighters in assorted designs with disposable lighter holder having unusual patterns on the flap and a loop at the back for attaching to a belt. Wallets feature designs like multi skulls, barb wire, spider web, and tribal skull. Ebay is probably your best source for these items.

  • Knives and Daggers: A knife can be very useful to a biker if he is stuck off the road and help is not at hand. Choose from fantasy knives, survival knives, and different types of folding knives. We found Ebay to have the best values in this arena. Seems like most bikers have at least a couple of knives lying around. This might make a great biker gift idea.

  • Bike Flags and Windsocks: To personalize a bike. Choose from designs including American flag with eagle, south will rise again etc. Ebay has many different Flags and Windsocks to choose from.

  • Biker Videos: Good biker videos make excellent biker gift ideas. From the movie Easy Rider, anything on Jesse James, to bike building videos/DVD's like this favorite of ours.

There are many other biker gift ideas to choose from. But hopefully you have narrowed it down from this list of motorcycle gifts and biker gift ideas above.



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