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The Custom Chopper Report, Issue #004 -- About Chopper Wheels And Tires
August 24, 2004

Tips On Chopper Wheels And Tires...

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At some point during the building of your chopper, you are going to have to shop for wheels and tires. Of course, this usually only applies to individuals who are building customized choppers from scratch as most of the time wheels and tires are included in chopper kits.

The wheels and tires for a chopper are usually determined by the size and style of the frame. Before purchasing tires or wheels make sure that you are adhering to the manufacturer's recommendations or you could end up with items that don't fit the frame. If wheels and tires are not included in your chopper kit, then read the instructions to find out what kind of tires are right, and be sure they fit the look of your bike.

Some used chopper kits also come with tires, but in this case you might want to shop for brand new tires. This might be a safety consideration as wheels and tires are known to become less reliable as they age.

Buyers of used choppers might also want to consider buying new wheels and tires, especially if they appear bald on the treads.

Chopper enthusiasts and collectors of antique choppers recommend doing some research before you buy wheels and tires. Don't take somebody's word for it when it comes to being sold wheels and tires for an antique or older model. Contact the manufacturer directly first.

Also don't try to purchase wider tires for your chopper than are recommended, although hobbyists and enthusiasts do say that most choppers can be fitted with a tire that is one size larger than is recommended by the manufacturer.

When considering outfitting your bike with larger tires always factor in a clearance for the width and the diameter between the rim and the tire. You might also want to research whether or not the wider tire will have any negative impact on the steering or handling of the vehicle.

Another consideration is the fact that most tires swell in size after they have been run for a few hundred miles on the road.

Be wary of buying high speed rated wheels or tires, as it is a common myth that these improve the performance of a chopper. These tires are manufactured to meet and accommodate the speed rate of a particular brand or style of chopper, not increase the speed or improve the handling of the vehicle.

Never forget to ask for a warranty for your wheels and tires. This way, if you have worn out wheels and tires, the manufacturer or the dealer will compensate you for repairs or replace it.

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