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The Custom Chopper Report, Issue #002 -- How Buy Used Chopper Frames
July 16, 2004

How To Shop For Used Chopper Frames

Used chopper frames can be a lot less expensive to buy, unless of course you are buying a rare or antique
frame, then the price can skyrocket.

It is a good idea to inspect the chopper frame you are thinking of purchasing in person, as some second hand chopper frames look better in a photograph than they do in real life.

You can't build a chopper without chopper frame. The whole idea behind a chopper is to eliminate unnecessary components from the bike to make it lighter. Like most chopper frames, used chopper frames often don't include such unnecessary items as a windshield, front fenders, big headlights or crash bars.

When shopping for used chopper frames you need to determine what kind of frame best suits the other components that you are using to build your bike. There are numerous examples that can fit this situation, but for instance, if you are buying a wide frame for your custom chopper, you must know whether or not the engine or transmission also requires an offset.

Before you shop make sure that you can distinguish between wide used chopper frames and standard used chopper frames. Hobbyists and experts also advise choosing a frame that has thick tubing walls.

There are many different types of used chopper frames including soft tail, hard tail, FXR, rigid and sportster. Sportser frames are also available in some types such as the hard tail chassis that accommodates the fitting of an extra large tire for the bike.

It is very important that you establish the perimeters of exactly what kind of frame you want before you begin shopping for used chopper frames as some sellers, such as those on e-bay, don't necessarily give you a refund if you accidentally purchase a used chopper frame that doesn't interlock properly with the other components of your bike.

Although the style of the used chopper frame is certainly a consideration, you are also advised to make sure that the frame is in good shape. Choose strong, sturdy used chopper frames as opposed to flimsy ones even if some of the thinner ones appear to be more flashy or glamorous in appearance.

There are many sites on the Internet that sell used chopper frames, but keep in mind it is best for you to inspect the frame for damages, corrosion or defects before you buy it. Like shopping for anything else, shopping for used chopper frames involves keeping a wary eye out for damaged, defective or over-priced items.

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