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The Custom Chopper Report, Issue #31 -- New Chopper Plans
November 21, 2005
Check Out Our New Rigid And Ol'Skool Plans...

New Frame And Jig Plans

Dear Valued Subscriber,

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have great news for you! We just added new frame plans to our frame plan product line. So if you are looking for frame plans for a 200, 230, 240 and/or 260 rigid frame, they are now available. Plus, we also have an ol'skool, 200, 230, 240, 250, 260, 280, 300 and JIG!

Please Note: We don't have an order page set up for these plans yet, but if you want any of the plans listed above, you can still send payment via in the amount of $39.99 for the frame plans or $49.99 for the ol'skool JIG.

Please include with your Paypal payment 1) the plans you want and 2) your shipping address. Oh yeah, and this price includes f.r.e.e. shipping for a limited time!

New article: we have a new article on motorcycle batteries and how to avoid draining them. We hope that you enjoy it: motorcycle battery.

Have a great holiday and we'll be in touch again soon!


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