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The Custom Chopper Report, Issue #58- New Softail Plans!
March 29, 2007

Worlds Best Softail Plans Now Available!

Dear Valued Subscriber,

I have excellent news! The soft tail plans we've been promising you for some time now are finally available! AND we have new rigid and softail 330 plans too!!! You are going to love them.

Here are a few of the features that make our plans the best in the world...

The rigid prints measure 36x72 and the softail measure 36x105 - the softail are larger because there are more views of the frame and swing arm - they both are at 1/2 scale. There is more information below, but if you want to order now here are the links to our frame plans...

Click Here For Soft Tail Plans

Click Here For Hard Tail Frame Plans

Get FREE Shipping/Handling in the USA, and FREE Support from a master metalworker, designer, and custom bike builder...Rick Hedrick (a $199 value). This special offer may not last much longer because now that we have dozens of plans that builders all over the world are ordering, there won't be much time left to support. So get them now.

The attention to detail is fantastic, and the drawings already have measurements on them!

Jeremy Diggs Washington, MO.

The plans are very clean and professionally drawn on CAD! Also, I sent a question on your plans and received a very prompt reply from Rick Hedrick. Your excellent service makes you feel there is some one out there on the web that takes notice and gives back up to his product.

David Pratt Eastern Cape South Africa.

Crisp, Precise, And Original Plans That Will Help You Build A Beautiful, Professional Quality Frame!

Our chopper frame plans are guaranteed originals. They are not copies like many plans available on the Internet. They are so crisp and precise they are often referred to as 'the coolest biker wall art ever seen'.

Here’s what you can expect from each of our original prints:

  • No fuzzy 'copies' of an outdated design. Each set measure 36" x 72" (3 feet by 6 feet). Softail plans measure 36x105!

  • Printed on brilliant white paper strong enough to withstand shop notes yet attractive enough to display in a frame.

  • Prints are delivered in sturdy storage tube, no fold marks!

  • Easy to read, extremely accurate, Large 1/2 scale chopper frame plans display both Fraction and Decimal measurements of every critical dimension and angle imaginable, including standard engine (late model Evo style) and transmission (belt or chain drive) locations.

  • All the dimensions and angles you will need to build your own custom frames including Basic Material Schedule, Builder Notes and tire dimension details.

  • Exact same dimensions as those used by all of the big bike manufactures.

  • Rake options from 30 to 45 degrees!

All mounts - engine, transmission and forward controls - are illustrated (in dimension) in relation to the frame as well as individually.


Click Here For Soft Tail Plans

Click Here For Hard Tail Frame Plans


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