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The Custom Chopper Report, Issue #9 -- Frame Prints
December 22, 2004

New Special Offer For Subscribers Only...

Whether you're a veteran chopper builder, a novice chopper enthusiast, or
you simply want to learn more about custom choppers, here's why you need crisp and precise chopper frame plans...

A solid, well designed custom chopper frame is the most important part of the building process. Because if you make any mistakes, big or small, your final product will fall to the wayside or you'll have to start over.

Quality chopper frame plans are your key to achieving the next level in your knowledge and more importantly, in your custom chopper building efforts...

Finding a reliable resource for chopper frame blueprints at a fair price is more difficult that it seems. We know because several months ago we began to research possible vendors to refer you to.

We searched high and low for good quality, original plans...


Shady Dealers...

But it was tough going. In our research which discovered that many of the plans for sale are being distributed by shady dealers (these people by plans from another company, copy them, and sell them for below market value).

Many of these copy cats can be easily found on Ebay and other Internet sources.

After we uncovered a few potential vendors we began sorting the wheat from the chaff. And let me tell you, it was not easy. For example, we found sources that seamed like reliable vendors, but we ran into two problems:

  • Either they couldn't offer our subscribers (you) a special deal

  • Or they simply were not very good business people (so actually getting your plans on a timely basis and without any hitches would have been a little sketchy)

The good news...

Finally we uncovered a reliable resource and a good deal just for you! Rick Hedrick, owner of BCC Orlando and creator of the best chopper frame plans available has over 37 years experience in the business that you can rely upon.

In terms of plan quality, price, and fulfillment, you can't find anything better...


Here's Your Special 'For Subscribers Only' Deal...

We arranged for you to get FREE shipping and handling from BCC Orlando, a top fabricator and custom chopper builder. Read more about this custom chopper frame plans special offer.

And it IS special. We negotiated the best deal available anywhere because we want you to be happy. We want YOU to be happy because when you are happy you refer people to our web site and that makes us happy!


The Catch:

There is one catch though. The only way to get this special deal is to order through us. But wait, I'm not blowing smoke up your skirt. The only way he (Rick, the owner of the plans and BCC Orlando) would give you FREE shipping is if we ran the orders through our end first. This way it takes a small burden off his shoulders so he can justify this special deal (we understand) and you get a killer deal.

You can't even get FREE shipping if you went direct to BCC Orlando!

Look, we aren't looking to make money on this deal because we honestly want you to save some money and work with a reliable vendor (by the way, please let us know your experiences with BCC Orlando). Like I said, if you are happy hopefully you'll refer more chopper enthusiasts to

So even if you've never laid eyes on blue prints before take your knowledge to the next level and take your building efforts to the next level. Or, get yourself a piece of unique wall art (read the article to find out about what I mean by 'wall art').

Take advantage of it now because we may cancel this special deal shortly if the orders are not fairly significant (we make next to nothing and need to justify our time). So this special deal is only guaranteed to be available for 30 days, and then we will reevaluate the situation.

Our Very Best To You, Staff
How To Build A Chopper Frame


PS: I almost forgot. After you order your plans, Rick has also agreed to answer your questions before, after, and during your chopper frame construction efforts, for FREE! With over 37 years experience building and fabricating, this alone is worth several hundred dollars in support (please don't abuse this privilege).




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