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Discover why our chopper frame plans are the best in the world (keep reading): We have New Bobber Plans (instant download)rigid chopper frame plans or soft tail frame plans so you can build your own chopper frame. Choose from the 200, 230, 240, 250, 260, 280, 300 or the 330 Wide Tire monster. 

Or, you can begin with these chopper frame blueprints to start your own chopper fabrication shop!
 But that's not all! You can also choose Springer PlansForward Control plansrigid or soft tail Jig Plans, and all purpose motorcycle frame jig blue prints.

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All chopper frame plans (hard copy versions) are professionally designed and copyrighted by Rick Hedrick. Rick's countless years of experience in motorsports, chassis design and fabrication is reflected in these top quality ORIGINAL chopper frame plans (chopper frame blueprints). Rick not only designs the chopper frame plans but he also builds BAD ASS ASSAULT bikes. Rick is involved with ALL aspects of bike building from budgeting and designing/fabrication to paint and final assembly in his own shop in Orlando, Florida. Now you can benefit from his 37 plus years of experience and hands on education.

Rick will provide you with FREE support on your chopper frame project when you buy his plans. So whether you have a general question about the plans, need assistance with your build, or maybe you just have an idea you want to run by him - he'll help.

Crisp, Precise, And Original

These chopper frame blueprints are guaranteed originals, they are not copies like many plans available on the Internet.

Whether you are a seasoned bike building professional or just starting out with your first project bike, you will benefit from BCC Orlando's Professional Chopper Frame Blueprints. These prints are so crisp and precise they are often referred to as 'the coolest biker wall art ever seen'! These crisp and clear working prints are the real thing, each is an original print...

  • No fuzzy 'copies' of an outdated design.
  • Each set measure 36" x 72" (3 feet by 6 feet). Softail plans measure 36"x105"!
  • Printed on brilliant white paper strong enough to withstand shop notes yet attractive enough to display in a frame.
  • Prints are delivered in sturdy storage tube, no fold marks!

These clear and easy to read, extremely accurate, LARGE 1/2 SCALE chopper frame blueprints display BOTH Fraction and Decimal measurements of every critical dimension and angle imaginable, including standard engine (late model Evo style) and transmission (belt or chain drive) locations. These sets of chopper plans give you ALL the dimensions and angles you will need to build your own custom frames including Basic Material Schedule, Builder Notes and tire dimension details. Your plans will contain the exact same dimensions as those used by all of the big bike manufactures. These chopper frame plans even show rake options from 30 to 45 degrees! 

The downloadable chopper and bobber frame plans, lift plans, and fork plans are special because they come with 'Sectional' views which makes the plans much easier to understand and follow. Read more about sectional views on each of the downloadable plans pages.

All detailed views on the hard copy versions are clearly display motor and transmission mount locations and other critical dimensions of frame components. Views include: Side, Top, Bottom, Front and Back.

Hard Tail Frame Blueprint Features