Pro Street Frame Plans!

Our new Pro Street rigid frame plans were drawn by a senior engineer. You will find the drawings to be professional, easy to follow, and very detailed but not cluttered and sloppy.

Pro Street Frame Frame Plans Features:

  • Tube Diameter is 1.25" DOM Standard Carbon Steel

  • ProStreet Hard Tail Design

  • 1.25" Tube Design

  • External Frame Width = 13" External

  • Internal Frame Width = 11" Internal Dim between tubes and 11" between axle plates

  • Distance = 11" (240 Series)

  • Material - Standard Mill Carbon Steel

  • Wheel Base - 72" (center of front wheel to center of rear)

  • Rake = 45 Degrees (Stock Rake)

  • Ground Clearance = 4.5"

  • Wheel Diameters = 26" (Both)
The Pro Street Rigid frame plans are printed on 36" x 72" paper.

$49.95 $29.95 For A Limited Time Only!

Pro Street Frame Basics:

A Pro Street motorcycle is generally a bike that looks sleek, slightly stretched out, but not like a traditional raked out chopper, and it's lower to the ground. It looks like a cross between a classic chopper or bobber and a race bike.

That is the look we went for with this design. We wanted to capture a traditional chopper style frame with a sleek, race bike feel. A pro street isn't raked out, does not have long forks, and gaudy detailing, or the exotic airbrushing.

In other words it's between a show bike and a race bike, which appeals to may people.

However, there are many exceptions to this. You'll find many show bikes listed as Pro Street. For example, this bike is considered a Pro Street. As you can see it can easily be a show bike. But it goes against the standard definition of what a pro street should be. It's raked, low, and modern. But it maintains a race bike feel. And that's ok. It's all in the eye of the beholder.

You'll find that it's maintains the Pro Street main design points: It's not a super fat tire. We went with a 240, which is a good like for this design in our opininon.

If you want a custom designed frame for your project wehter it's a 200 or a 330 (fat tire), we can design something for you. Just contact us and let us know.

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