Chopper Magazines For The Custom Bike Lover...

Chopper magazines and custom motorcycle magazines can be great sources of information on building and buying bikes. 

Information about what's hot and what's not, great custom motorcycle designs, accessories, biker dudes and, of course, the pictures we all love are right at hand in these magazines.

I think that most every chopper enthusiast learned to love motorcycles by reading Easyriders magazine. The younger generation, maybe not so much. The centerfold and the motorcycle builds featured are still some of the greatest eye candy around. There are some other very good chopper magazines out there besides Easyriders.

Now, don't get me wrong. There'll be no recommendation to get rid of your Easyriders subscription and buy other motorcycle or chopper magazines. This isn't about product recommendations at all. It's about letting people know about choices. Here are details about just a few great custom motorcycle and chopper magazines you may enjoy.

Horse Backstreet Choppers is custom chopper magazine that you'll love (Personal Favorite). You can read your magazine online or have a hardcopy sent to you. Events, radical machines, babes and more are packed into every issue. The website also provides forums, articles and other information.

Get it here, you'll love it: Horse Backstreet Choppers

Street Chopper magazine features some great motorcycles.

(They are were no  longer publishing, now I see they had a new release party, but can't find where to actually get a subscription. Now I see why they went out of business. But you can still get back issues -- recommended -- here or on Ebay). 

Focusing mainly on the American V-Twins built for street custom chopper action, you'll find some radical machines, information about parts, paint jobs and much more. You'll find designer custom motorcycles in this magazine as well as street custom machines designed and put together by readers. 

It's a custom chopper magazine anyone can relate to. Some of the pictures will simply make you drool over the custom motorcycles featured on the magazine pages. The technical information about service, repair, design, paint and everything custom motorcycle magazine readers want is contained between these covers. 

Their website is located at and some of the articles can be read there as well as subscription information.

In Full Throttle magazine, you'll find custom motorcycles and choppers as well as regional information. Full Throttle has issues for different states and regions and is packed with event and activity info.

Long Riders magazine bills itself as the magazine for people who love to ride. Not only does Long Riders publish a great custom motorcycle magazine but their website has a photo gallery, lots of articles, and you'll want to visit them at for more information.

Hot Bike features some really hot custom motorcycles and custom choppers built by people just like you. You'll find them at and can review articles online to get an idea of the content you can expect in Hot Bike. 

Hot Rod magazine's Bike Works is another custom motorcycle magazine you don't want to miss. You'll find them at If you enjoy Hot Rod, you'll love Bike Works.

U.S. Rider News is not a chopper magazine but they have information about things that are happening for custom motorcycle and custom chopper enthusiasts. They were once known as Dixie Rider and focused on the Southern U.S. Now, you can find it at (at the time of this article this website does not load and it points to a terrible site so don't go the biker industry publications have issues!!!), but the name has changed and the content is national.

The website used to give you the opportunity to try the magazine for free by going to one of the dealers which you can locate by state. But maybe they are not publishing anymore? If they are in business, then this offer is worth the ride to a dealership near you. There are state inserts in each issue that focus on your area's events and goings-on.

And lets not forget about UK's best: Back Street Heroes

Recommended: Horse Backstreet Choppers