5 Minute Tig Welding Training Video: A Clip From Tig Welding Basics...

Ron Covell has created a tig welding training video (DVD) that will help you dramatically increase your welding and metalworking skills. Newbie welders will get a head start on the tig welding process, and veteran welders and metalworkers will discover new tips and tricks they never new about.

For example, here is a five minute excerpt from this tig welding training video (DVD) only available on Custom-Choppers-Guide.com.

By Ron Covell is touted as the best DVD on welding. It's thorough and detailed, and Ron's smooth professional style will help you achieve beautiful, strong welds. Discover new welding tips and secrets only master metalworkers know about! Click here for more information.

Tig welding or mig welding? That is a question that comes up often. According the Ron Covell, as seen on this tig welding training video (DVD), tig welding creates welds that are easier to work with on custom projects such as custom choppers, custom cars, and other important metalworking projects. Mig welding creates strong welds indeed. But they are hard to work with and may break as you work with them on your custom metalworking projects.

Whether you are just starting out or you've been welding for 40 years, I guarantee you'll learn new tips and tricks from Tig Welding Basics, a world class tig welding training video by Ron Covell. For example here is what customers of Custom Choppers Guide have to say...

Tig Welding Basics will give you a huge education into the art of tig welding. It's a 'tig welding how to' resource you'll come back to for many years to come. Guaranteed. 

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