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Guide To Custom Choppers. Tips, Reviews, History, Gear, And More.

How custom choppers are built, tips and reviews of chopper motorcycles, gear and more.

Chopper Blog

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Discover How To Build A Chopper

A few tips on how to build a chopper. Important advice that will get you started in the right direction and save time.

Custom Motorcycle Building Mistakes

FREE mini course reveals the building mistakes custom motorcycle builders make.

Here's How To Build A Chopper Frame

Learn how to build a chopper frame from this newly updated downloadable chopper manual

Order Custom Bike Building Videos

All about ordering custom bike building videos

Original, Professional Chopper Frame Plans

Discusses chopper frame plans and how to get free shipping/handling on these motorcycle frame plans too.

Professional Motorcycle Painting Guide

Secrets of custom motorcycle painting are revealed in this highly recommended guide on how to paint a motorcycle.

Tips On Custom Chopper Frames

Guide to custom chopper frames. How to choose chopper frames and more.

Tips On Chopper Kits Projects

Discusses finding and building chopper kits. What the differences are in chopper or custom chopper kits, and more.

Are Custom Harleys King Of The Road?

Article on custom harleys and why you can't go wrong with a custom harley davidson.

Custom Choppers Guide Affiliate Program

Here's how to join our affiliate program and make a hefty 40% commission.

How To Get Custom Motorcycle Insurance

If you need custom motorcycle insurance be prepared and start here.

Contact Custom Choppers Guide

Here's how to contact custom choppers guide

A Couple Of Cool Chopper Video Clips

Here are two chopper video clips for you to admire.

Choosing Custom Chopper Helmets

Why careful decisions on custom chopper helmets are important.

About Harley Davidson Boots...

Article on Harley Davidson boots. Plus a few tips on choosing a pair of harley boots for men and women.

If Choosing Motorcycle Boots Is Hard This Article Will Help

Basic steps to choosing motorcycle boots for the new or veteran motorcycle or chopper enthusiast.

Choosing Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Article on leather motorcycle jackets and what to consider before buying.

A Few Tips On Motorcycle Rain Gear

Suggestions for motorcycle rain gear and motorcycle riding gear for the winter.

Need Motorcycle Gifts And Ideas?

If you need motorcycle gifts and gift ideas for the motorcycle lover or biker, here are some tips...

Back Issues for The Custom Chopper Report

Back issues of our chopper tips newsletter.

Do Your Homework On Custom Chopper Prices

How to research custom chopper prices and motorcycle pricing so you get the best deal.

Need A Chopper Frame Jig?

Discusses the chopper frame jig, building a chopper frame jig, and where to get one for a decent price.

Trend Toward Buell Choppers...

Discover Buell choppers...the trend toward a cool looking futuristic custom chopper.

The V-Twin Engine

A description of a v-twin engine and v-twin motorcycles and choppers.

Choosing A Chopper Engine

Deciding on a chopper engine for you custom motorcycle.

FREE Shipping and Handling on Chopper Frame Jig Plans

Original chopper frame jig plans and frame welding jig blue prints for your chopper motorcycle project.

Features Of The Welding Jig Design

All the features and specifications of the welding jig design

Information About The Frame Plans Disclaimer

Details regarding the chopper frame plans disclaimer

Why Custom Motorcycle Paint Adds Personality To Your Bike...

Article on custom motorcycle paint and what to look out for on your next motorcycle paint job whether you do it yourself or hire a professional.

Tips On Custom Flame Painting

Article on custom flame painting and why you can't go wrong with a custom flame paint job.

6 Part Course On Detailing Motorcycles

If you are interested in detailing motorcycles, here are the basics.

Tips On Motorcycle Cleaning

A simple guide to motorcycle cleaning so you don't damage your chopper motorcycle

Choosing A Custom Motorcycle Gas Tank

Guide to choosing a custom motorcycle gas tank and the different type of custom gas tanks available.

Important Motorcycle Storage Suggestions

If motorcycle storage is one of your motorcycle needs, be prepared

Tips On Custom Motorcycle Fenders

Article on custom motorcycle fenders. Options available and what to look for in a motorcycle custom fender.

Guide To Making Motorcycle Gas Tanks

Explains details on making motorcycle gas tanks

Building A Chopper Chassis

DVD or video on how to build a chopper chassis

5 Minute Clip On Building A Chopper Frame

Video clip from building a chopper frame dvd, by Custom Choppers Guide and Ron Covell

DVD's Of Ron Covell Metal Working Secrets

Here is ron covell metal working master on video, our best ron covell video titles.

Ultimate Working With Tubing Video

This working with tubing video is the best guide, you will find.

New Tig Welding Video (DVD)

This tig welding video called TIG Welding Basics by Ron Covell is special.

Basic Tips On Custom Chopper Parts

Basic information on chopper parts and why custom chopper parts ad character to your custom chopper.

Choosing The Right Motorcycle Oil

Information on how to decide between petroleum-based and synthetic motorcycle oil

Quick Motorcycle Customizing Tips

Fast and simple motorcycle customizing tips.

Where To Find Chopper Handlebars

If you are looking for chopper handlebars this describes where to get motorcycle handlebars for your bike.

About The Chopper Sissy Bar

Is a chopper sissy bar for sissies, or do chopper sissy bars help the look of your chopper?

How To Get Custom Chopper Forks

Where to get custom chopper forks and how to shop for custom forks

Motorccycle Fork Basics: Springer Forks

A review of springer forks and motorcycle fork basics

The Rolling Chopper Chassis

Article discusses the rolling chopper chassis and where you can find chopper rolling chassis.

About Metric Choppers

Discusses the difficulty with metric choppers when it comes to finding metric chopper parts.

History Of Old School Choppers

What old school choppers are and how they came to be...

Article On Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Discusses Harley Davidson motorcycles. When they began building them and why Harley Davidson motorcycles are works of art.

Tips On Harley Davidson For Sale

If you are looking for a harley davidson for sale online be cautious.

Finding Used Choppers For Sale

Before you search for used choppers for sale online of offline read these tips on finding used choppers and the used custom chopper of our dreams.

The Harley Shovelhead Engine

Article describes the shovelhead engine developed by Harley Davidson.

Harley Davidson Panhead Engine

Describes panhead basics. The harley davidson panhead engine and a comparison to the knucklehead.

History Of The Harley Knucklehead Chopper Engine

Article describes the harley knucklehead engine, and other details of harley davidson knuckleheads.

Old School Bobber Choppers History and More

Custom choppers evolved from Bobber choppers. Here's how the name Bobber chopper came to be...

An Introduction To Indian Motorcycles

Article on Indian Motorcycles and why an Indian Motorcycle is a top brand today.

Underrated, Triumph Choppers

History and customizing tips on triumph choppers and customized triumph choppers.

Review of the Triumph Bonneville Chopper

Info on the triumph bonneville chopper motorcycle and more.

Article On Sportster Choppers

Discusses sportster choppers, customizing suggestions, and their Harley Davidson history.

Article Discusses Honda Choppers

Discover Chopper Bicycles

Articles discusses when chopper bicycles where first produced, where to get them, and a few tips on building a chopper bicycle.

Hunting For Used Mini Choppers

Before you look for used mini choppers, read these tips on finding a used mini bike chopper.

Buying A 49cc mini harley chopper scooter

About the 49cc mini harley chopper scooter and how to get one at a reasonable price.

A look at Honda chopper frames...

Honda builds killer motorcycles and the Honda chopper frames are top of the line.

Discussion of Japanese choppers

Article discusses japanese choppers and who is the leader.

All About Custom Motorcycle Imports

Information on custom motorcycle imports

Discover Yamaha Choppers

The yamaha choppers these days are really hip, especially when you chop up the xs 650 yamaha.

About Harley Davidson Parts

Info on harley davidson parts for the novice chopper or kit bike builder, including where to find used Harley Davidson motorcycle parts.

Learn The Chopper Basics Before You Build One

A starter guide on chopper a chopper is built and how the parts all work. A quick informative guide.

About Custom Chopper Builders

Finding custom chopper builders worthy of your project.

Tips On Choosing Custom Motorcycle Wheels

Article on custom motorcycle wheels and the options available for your custom motorcycle.

Why West Coast Choppers Is Exploding In Growth

From the west coast choppers logo to the custom west coast chopper, everyone wants a piece of Jesse James.

About Orange County Choppers...

Orange County Choppers has literally achieved rock star status from their tv show, but their quality choppers speak for themselves.

American Chopper, Discovery Channels Surprise Success

An American Chopper symbolizes freedom and rebellion. American Chopper, the TV show, reveals the blood, sweat, and tears that go into buidling one.

The Motorcycle Heel Guard

Should you consider a heel guard for your chopper motorcycle?

Don't Drain Your Motorcycle Battery

Avoid draining your motorcycle battery and how to jumpstart safely

About the Motorcycle Museum

The motorcycle hall of fame and the history of choppers in the motorcycle museum.

Tips On V Twin Chopper Kits

Advice on v twin chopper kits and suggestions on what to expect.

Information On Custom Motorcycle Seats

Article on custom motorcycle seats, the various styles available, and a few buying tips.

Learn About Motorcycle Exhaust Systems

Discover motorcycle exhaust systems. Slip on and full motorcycle exhausts. What you need to know...

Advice On Motorcycle Frame Blueprints

Tips on motorcycle frame blueprints and motorcycle frame building jig blueprints.

Article On The Hard Tail Frame

The hard tail frame is not for everyone, but it certainly puts you in the bad boy chopper category.

The Motorcycle Artist Ron Finch

The video, motorcycle artist Ron Finch

A rare look at Custom of Motorcycle Builders

Custom motorcycle builders, and inside look at the masters.

Your checklist for Motorcycle Camping

Tips on a motorcycle camping for a better adventure.

Awesome Motorcycle Events

Listing of the top motorcycle events and rallies that you must attend.

The Little Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Discusses what the little sturgis motorcycle rally is all about.

Finding A Motorcycle Club

A motorcycle club can really be a life saver.

All About Motorcycle Trailers!

Good info on motorcycle trailers. Includes motorcycle trailer driving tips, and where to buy new and used trailers for hauling motorcycles, choppers, and harley davidson motorcycles.

Ready For A Motorcycle Tow?

A motorcycle tow can be a huge disaster in the making.

Tips On Motorcycle Maintenance

Do it yourself motorcycle maintenance tips, suggestions, and pictures.

Review of Chopper Assembly Videos

A critical review of a chopper assembly video set called Custom Bike Building Secrets

A Look At Custom Trikes

Here is an article about custom trikes

The Custom Chopper Report, Issue #35 -- New Chopper Building DVD's


The Custom Chopper Report, Issue #34 -- About Imports


The Custom Chopper Report, Issue #33 -- How To Store Your Chopper


The Custom Chopper Report, Issue #32 -- Gift Ideas And More


Great Chopper Gifts For Your Friends And Family

Ideas on chopper gifts for the motorcycle enthusiast

Introducing Lady Bikers

Choppers are for lady bikers too!

History Of Biker Gangs

Article discusses biker gangs and how the largest outlaw biker gangs began or formed.

The Motorcycle Alarm System For Choppers

If you don't have a motorcycle alarm system, you are risking your motorcycle.

Basics Of Powder Coating

Tips on powder coating on why it's better than painting.

Suggestions For Motorcycle Powder Coating

Discusses advantages of motorcycle powder coating.

Do Soft Tail Frames Fit Your Style?

The difference between soft tail frames and rigid frames.

All Chopper Frame Plan Views And Features

The five different custom chopper frame plan views and features

Features Of OlSkool Frame Plans

All the features and specifications of the olskool frame plans

Features Of The Rigid 200 Frame Plans

All the features and specifications of the rigid 200 frame plans

Features Of The Rigid 230 Frame Plans

All the features and specifications of the rigid 230 frame plans

Features Of The Rigid 240 Frame Plans

All the features and specifications of the rigid 240 frame plans

Features Of The Rigid 250 Frame Plans

All the features and specifications of the rigid 250 frame plans

Features Of The Rigid 260 Frame Plans

All the features and specifications of the rigid 260 frame plans

Features Of The Rigid 280 Frame Plans

All the features and specifications of the rigid 280 frame plans

Features Of The Rigid 300 Frame Plans

All the features and specifications of the rigid 300 frame plans