Custom Chopper Prices And Why Doing Your Research Can Save You Money

Are you saving up to buy your dream machine? Do you find custom chopper prices to excessive? Maybe you are riding a nice motorcycle right now but dream of  owning that radical custom motorcycle or custom chopper that will turn heads. Maybe you already have a bank account or other means of saving money toward this major purchase. Of course, if you have good credit, you may be thinking about buying a custom motorcycle build with financing but wonder how much your debt load will become after buying the radical custom bike.

A lot of factors go into custom chopper pricing. Are you going to have a custom motorcycle built by a big name designer like Orange County Chopper or Jesse James? Are you going to build one from scratch yourself? Is a local custom cycle shop going to build for you? Is a used custom motorcycle the one for you? Are you   considering taking a salvage custom motorcycle and restoring it to like-new condition? All these factors and more will go into the price of your custom motorcycle.

If you want to buy a new custom build from a designer, you can expect to pay from $40,000 up to infinity. It all depends on the designs, parts used, designer's reputation and other factors. It's not unusual to see big name designer machines going for $100,000 or more.

If you are willing to buy a used designer motorcycle, of course the price will be lower. And if you build your machine yourself, it is less still. Once way to get the custom chopper price on a machine of your own design is by using a custom motorcycle design software that has a costing tool in the package or by entering data into a spreadsheet like MS Excel while you design. This way you can quickly and easily determine custom chopper prices.

A tool that is free and simple to use to give you an idea of custom chopper pricing for both new and used rides. It is the NADA tool located at You can enter into this tool the make, model, trim package and get a price sheet that will give you a good idea of the basic pricing for that type of custom motorcycle or even a stock motorcycle. Of course, you have to adjust the price returned to allow for custom parts and accessories; the price generated will only be a "ballpark" figure to work with.

One way to find great custom chopper prices is by visiting the websites of custom motorcycle auctions. By browsing the results pages and whether the motorcycle sold or not will help you determine the range of custom motorcycle prices for machines like you want to purchase. eBay is a great place to watch auctions and track custom chopper prices. eBay has a 'watch list' that allows you to select custom motorcycle and see the final prices on lots of different custom motorcycles. But before you go to EBay, read the yellow highlighted Big Tip on this page.

Of course, custom motorcycle builders are going to price their products at the highest figure the market will bear. That's just a fact of free commerce. The real custom chopper price is the one you are willing to pay!

Here's what one of our subscribers says about this article, and we agree:

An interesting article; and vaguely disturbing, since I'm sort of a punk-rocker where bike building is concerned.  Gold-card yuppies that pay the World's Most Dysfunctional Family mega-bucks to build 'em a theme bike'  Yuck.  No, the real heart and soul of it is the bucks-down, "back street heroes" who are cobbling their one ride together a nickel at a time.  The guys who build their own bike, as much as is humanly possible anyway, in their garage, or basement, or kitchen.  Such projects tend to "network" via word of mouth if nothing else, and parts gradually fall outta the sky, as needed.  Takes time and patience as well as cash; dunno how to count the cost in that.

Seth Tyrssen

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