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This parts checklist is for those of you who want to get more organized when building your bike.

It's a free motorcycle bike build checklist and there is no obligation to buy anything.

But we would appreciate the support because this site is for fun and just a break even project. 

Parts Check List For Planning A Custom Motorcycle Build.

Note: This is not meant to be fully comprehensive list.

It is only to help you consider the necessary parts required for your specific build and to help you budget for each part and mark the order in which you wish to purchase each item.

Many of us cannot buy the entire array of parts at one time so a checklist like this should be of some assistance in the long run.

Engine: (choose type you wish to use and note engine size).

Second Hand

New Complete - Assembled

New Complete - Unassembled

New Long Block - Assembled

New Long Block - Unassembled

OEM - Evolution

OEM Twin Cam 'A'

OEM Twin Cam 'B'

Aftermarket Evolution-Style


Parts Required to Complete Engine:

Alternator Stator

Alternator Rotor


Regulator fasteners

Oil Filter Mount

Crankcase Vent 1)

Crankcase Vent 2)

Head Breather & Mount

Alternator Cover-for 3 or 4in open belt

Carb-1)…..single carb setup

Manifold & fasteners for above

Carb - 2)…..dual carb setup

Manifold & fasteners for above


Aircleaner Mounts(Carb 1)


Aircleaner Mounts(Carb 2)

Aircleaner covers

Breather Kit

Throttle Cable - see below

Choke Cable & Choke Knob….custom knobs available

Cam Cover

Cam Cover fasteners

Ignition Cover & hardware

Rocker Box Covers-(2) & Hardware

Pushrod Covers

Oil Cooler & Mounts

Ignition Lobe

Ignition (Single or dual fire - Points or Electronic)

Coil (Single or dual fire - Points or Electronic - Single or Dual Plugs - Check on resistance!)

Coil Mount(coil & motor mount)

Plug Wires

Wire Separators


Engine sprocket kit

Oil Pump

Engine Gaskets-Top/Bottom/Complete (Buy as a complete kit if possible-You will save money compared to buying separately)

Engine Bolts / Nuts / Washers

Exhaust System

Exhaust System Brackets / Gaskets / Flanges / Spring Retainers

Primary Transmission:

Outer Primary & Finish

Inspection Cover

Electric or kick start

Derby Cover

Inner Primary & Finish

Inner Primary 'O' ring-use two if offset primary spacer is needed

Inner Primary offset spacer

Primary Gaskets

Primary Case Hardware

Clutch & Chain or Belt Drive


Primary Chain

Chain tensioner

Belt Drive

Starter Unit 


4 / 5 / 6 speed or 5 speed in 4 speed box

5 speed with reverse gear

Right side drive transmission

Electric start

Kicker kit

Additional Side Cover & Finish

Additional Top Cover & Finish

Hydraulic clutch brake hose

Transmission outrigger support/bearing

Transmission Plate

Transmission output sprocket / pulley(Teeth)

Offset Transmission sprocket

Offset kit for wide tire


Left or right side drive


Rake Desired

Stretch Desired

Steering Neck height - additional or stock height in inches

Determine additional height, if required, for higher than stock motor

Brackets- pulley cover / brake brackets / other

Wide Frame

Wide swingarm

Swingarm if soft tail configuration is desired

Single side swingarm

Swingarm bearings

Distance Axle

Distance Axle Nuts

Stop ring

Sprocket Spacers

Rear axle spacers

Rock Guard/fasteners

Additional Parts to complete Chassis:

Motor Mounts(Top/Front/Transmission)

Rear Belt Guard Mounting Lugs

Side Mount License Plate Mounting Lugs

Gas Tank Mounts

Engine case protector

Brake Caliper Torque Arm Mounting Lug

Headstock bearings

Headstock bearing cups

Triple tree dust shields

Rear Shocks

Rear Shock Mounting bolts / nuts / washers / spacers

Air Dam & Fasteners

Seat - Single or dual, custom made, off the shelf? 

Seat fasteners if not included with saddle

Fuel System Tanks:

Fuel - type, capacity, length

Petcock - 1)

Petcock - 2)

Fuel Pipe

Tank Cap - 1 or 2

Tank Breather

Tank Breather Pipe

Fuel crossover tube

Tank Mounting hardware

Gas tank grommets

Dash if desired

Oil Lubrication System:

Oil Tank make and finish

Oil tank fitting

Oil hose

Oil hose separators

Carb Cables - Push / Pull, Braided or Plastic, length

Clutch Cable - Braided / Black / Length

Clutch Hydraulic Hose - Braided / Black / Length

Front Brake Hydraulic Hose - Braided / Kevlar / Black / Length / Splitter 

Possibly Required - Type of fittings at caliper and control ends

Rear Brake Hydraulic Hose - Braided / Kevlar / Black / Length / Stop Light Switch 

Possibly Required - Type of fittings at caliper and control ends

Offset Components: For use with chain or belt final drive.

Primary Spacer-width & longer bolts

Extended engine sprocket extension

Transmission Mounting Plate

Offset Transmission Sprocket

Wheel Spacer

Front End:

Fork (make/length/dual or single disc/wide, mid, wide glide

Increased rake triple trees are possible…also adjustable rake triple trees up to 13deg

Wheel- size/wide or narrow glide

Wheel bearings - Specify pre 99 or 2000up wheels

Front Tire-Make and nominal size

Front Tire-Overall width

Front Tire-Overall diameter

Inner Tube (check valve angle with angle of hole in rim)

front axle / nuts

Discs (Size)

Disc Bolts

Brake Calipers

Brake Caliper Brackets

Brake Hose


Speedometer Drive 

Speedo cover

Speedo Mounting

Speedo cover

Tachometer & Drive

Tachometer Mounting

Fender & Mounting nuts / bolts

Fender Brackets on forks (Sometimes integral with fork and sometimes separate)


Headlight Mount and bolt / nut

Handlebars (internal wiring?)

Handlebar Mounts/Risers including bolts

Handlebar Dampers

Brake Master Cylinder (5/8in for single disc/3/4in bore for dual disc)

Clutch Levers

Brake hose - type and length

Clutch Levers - cable or hose

Light Switches

Handlebar Mirrors

Handlebar Grips

Forward Controls (5/8in or 3/4in bore & Extended)

Forward Control Shifter Rod

Rear brake hose - type and length

Stop light switch (can be specified when selecting hydraulic hose)

Front Indicator Light  /mounting

Disc Bolts(5) 5/16in Counter bored

Rear End - Specify pre 99 or 2000up wheels:

Wheel- size

Wheel bearings

Axle, nuts and washers

Rear Tire - Make and nominal size

Inner Tube (check valve angle with angle of hole in rim)

Rear Tire -Overall width(relevant to frame / swingarm / offset)

Rear Tire - Overall diameter

Fender (fenders with internal struts can save on buying struts and offer a cleaner appearance) 

Fender Struts & hardware

Sissy Bar if desired

Brake Disc

Brake Caliper

Brake Caliper Bracket (stock fitting or using torque arm fixed to swingarm)

Rear Light

Rear Indicator Light / mounting

License plate mount

Side mount license plate set up

Rear Belt or Chain(number of teeth)Ask frame manufacturer what chain/belt lengths & sprocket/pulley combinations are possible

Rear Belt Pulley or Chain Sprocket(No of teeth) Belt pulley-1-1/8in or 1-1/2in wide?

Disc/pulley/brake kit

Disc/sprocket/brake kit

Disc Bolts(5) 3/8in countersunk

Pulley Bolts(5)

Passenger Pegs/Mounts

Number of teeth on rear sprocket/pulley should be determined in relation to engine power characteristics and rear wheel size

Pulley Guard or Chain guard - Upper and lower



Sidestand lowering spacer

Wiring harness

Other Electrical Items


Custom Switch relay

Oil Pressure Switch

Miscellaneous - Nuts/Bolts/Anything Not Already Included

Cable ties

Cable separators

Horn & Mount

Ignition Switch

Frame preparation

Custom Paint Job and molding

Labor cost of subcontracted out work


Brake/hydraulic clutch line fluid - Correct DOT number

Transmission Oil

Primary Transmission Oil

Engine Oil

Bearing Grease

Thread lock

Fork Oil - correct SAE number

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