Bobber Parts And The BYOB Bobber!

What the 'Build Your Own Bike' bobber parts are, and where to find parts for your bobber projects.

I get a lot of questions about the killer bobber chopper that Mike built in the Build Your Own Bike DVD's.

Particularly what type of frame, engine, forks, and rear brakes.

So here I am listing all the major bobber motorcycle parts for that killer bobber (which I think is still for sale for $14,000).

And tips on where to get bobber parts are below:

  • S&S engine cases
  • S&S heads
  • S&S super E carburetor
  • Andrews cam
  • Turett and Osborne flywheels
  • 5 speed transmission with kick and electric start
  • Paughco frame and gas tank
  • DNA springer front end
  • DNA spoke wheels
  • Exile rear brake and sprocket
  • Primo 3 inch open belt primary
  • Primo forward controls
  • Anvil Customs seat
  • Paughco exhaust
  • 32 ford trail light

Where To Get The Bobber Parts.

The number of websites, bike shops, and salvage yards for bobber motorcycle parts is many. But the best place to start looking and buying is Ebay. Ebay is good because you will buy from bike builders who have feedback ratings that will give you a good idea as to whether you will be getting a good experience or not.


You can find really good deals on Ebay for used parts. So if you are good at machining and refurbishing it could be the best source of parts for you.

You might even find all the parts you need for your bike there. However, there are other bobber parts sources. For new parts you can try doing a search on Google for 'Bobber Parts'. Keep in mind that we found sources of parts but many were very expensive because they were brand new or had been refurbished and priced accordingly. 

For example, this builder used Ebay to find all kinds of parts and he lists the sellers he had good luck with.

Also, you can post 'Want' ads on Ebay for parts and anything else you want and cannot find.

Side Bar: Finding parts that nobody else wants and then cleaning and refurbishing them might be a nice little side business for the right person. There are a lot of Vintage bike enthusiasts who want and need parts. Focus on one brand and expand from there. Don't try to be all things to every bike owner. You'll spread yourself thin. For example: Triumph Choppers, Buell Choppers, Buell Bobbers, Sportster Bobbers, etc. These are all examples of specific types of bikes that you can focus on (Read more motorcycle business ideas here). I digress...

Another way to find quality bobber motorcycle parts is to join and contribute to forums on the bike you are using as your bobber project. If you are building a Yamaha 650 bobber you can find a couple forums on Yamaha 650's and then ask around. There are forums on many types of bikes for you to explore.

Why Don't We Carry Bobber Parts?

We might in the near future. We get requests all the time for parts, frames, and engines. But it's not something we have time for right now as our focus is on frame plans and shop plans. Once we finish up on that area (about 6-10 months), we will put more energy into that area.

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