1977 KZ650B

by Craig C.
(Regina, SK)



Bought the 1977 KZ650B in terrible shape for $350 last year. It was all original but nothing worked so the bike was not worth restoring to stock.

I half finished it, and put it away for the winter. When it got warm enough to work on it again, I didn't like the frame I made last year. I ended up scrapping it, and built a frame jig out of thick-wall 1" square tubing and a T-square.

Bought axle plates on ebay, and had the frame together in 2 or 3 days. Axle plate angles are +/- 25 degrees.

Ebay Parts List / Sellers who I had good luck with:

Tires - pinwall_cycle_newparts
Cables for 10" Bars - mrssuperdeals
Neck Bearings - motorcycleexpress
Extra Wire Harness - lonwlf61
Axle Plates - sellmysoul99
Extra long drive chain - cochisecountychoppers
Headlight - dans_treasure_chest
10" 7/8 bars - ssparx
Carb kits - georgefix
Tank & Seat - hdscholl
Tank Sealer - holymolycustomcycles

****AVOID "chopperstuffinc" on ebay, that guy is a cheat.

Another Parts website that I have found extremely cheap (esp. in canada): partsnmore.com

I put a leather tool bag in front to hide the wiring, and built a battery box for under the seat. See the Battery Box Wiring Diagram.

$2500 later and some very long hours in the shop, and this 1977 Kawasaki KZ650B is the product.

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Apr 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

Just purchased a 79 KZ650 for $350 also. Looking for a frame just like yours. Any advice for making the jig?

Oct 22, 2010
by: Cliffno350

Are you a member of http://www.thechopperunderground.com/?
Your bike is sweet looking ride, they are putting members rides in the Horse now and your bike looks worthy of submission!

Jul 09, 2010
Killer ride
by: Hevs

Man...you did it, hows the motors sounding? You should upload some vid @ utube, congrats!

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