A Bolt On Hard Tail or Bolt On Chopper Kit Turns Stock Bikes Into Customized Choppers Overnight

If you want to bolt on hard tail frame for your sportster or  any motorcycle you want to customize, you'll want a bolt on chopper kit. 

These kits prevent the problems involved with changing the entire frame and all the hours of work involved. Instead, you can simply remove the swing arm assembly and the rear suspension and bolt on the rigid parts. 

The bolt on hardtail chopper kits result in a two piece frame that is rigid. The front portion of your current frame is unchanged. The bolt on hardtail bolts to the points where your swing arm assembly pivot bolts would mount. The difference is that you don't use these points to pivot any longer, but instead they hold the immobile hard tail bolts. This creates a frame line that is quite attractive and few will notice that you used a bolt on chopper kit instead of a one piece frame.

The bolt on hard tail or bolt on chopper kit is easily purchased to provide a four inch stretch and four inch lower frame configuration. There are also bolt on chopper kits that will provide more lowering or more stretch and some that will even provide stock lengths and heights. However, the most commonly used, most popular bolt on chopper kit provides the extra four inches. This gives you a perfect configuration to change to longer forks without giving your chopper that look of being too high. 

Bolt on chopper kits can allow you to turn your stock motorcycle into a custom chopper with as little work as possible. If you don't want to strip everything down and repaint the entire frame, you simply have the bolt on hard tail assembly painted to match you existing frame. This makes it perfect for anyone that already has the customized paint on the gas tank they want or for someone that doesn't want to change their tank design at all.

These bolt on chopper kits are great for a person that is building their first custom ride. Maybe you've been riding a stock bike for a while and want to add pizzazz to your sled. This lets you do it with as little expense and effort as possible. Then, if you decide you love riding custom hard tails, you can always make your next build a full blown one piece hardtail project. 

When using the bolt on hard tail kits, you'll need to change a few other parts such as your chain and chain guard to allow for the extra length. You may have to relocate a few key parts as well, depending on your motorcycle's design. You could have to lengthen a few wires if there is not enough slack in your rear tail light and turn signal wiring. Yet, you can have a chopper on the road within one day of receiving the bolt on assembly from your local paint shop. 

You certainly can't build a custom chopper in such a short period of time. You can use the bolt on chopper kit for a fast make over project and get back on the road quickly. When you purchase a bolt on hard tail kit, be sure to read the specifications carefully to learn whether the brakes you currently have on your cycle will work with the frame and whether it will bolt onto the make and model of frame you own. The information should be available from the company you purchased your kit from.