Choosing A Motorcycle Alarm System For Your Chopper 

If you are not familiar a motorcycle alarm, imagine this- you take a nice Sunday cruise with your buddies on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. You take a lunch break at a roadside diner. When you return to the lot, you only see three bikes. There were four of you. Your chopper has been stolen. Your hard earned money that went into that bike is now left for someone else to enjoy, free of charge.

It flat out sucks (for lack of a better word) that people are not as honest as we'd like them to be. Things like this really do happen. Hopefully, if your bike was insured you will be able to recover some of the cost, or better yet, the culprit will get caught.

A motorcycle alarm could have prevented this. Think about how we lock our bikes up at home- in a garage or shed. Or, if just in the drive, most likely the house will have motion lights and maybe an alarm system. But, if your ride often, is your bike protected when you are away from home? If not, you may want to consider looking into installing a motorcycle alarm system on your pride and joy.

There are several companies that offer alarm systems. But one we'd like to highlight is the Scorpio SR-i500 by Aritronix.

The Scorpio SR-i500 motorcycle alarm system is a two-way radio security system designed specifically for motorcycles. The radio system features a high frequency RF technology that makes it possible to send and receive data on a mini-handheld receiver from over a ½ mile away. So, if you are too far to hear the siren go off, you will be signaled that someone is tampering with your ride by either a sound-off or vibration from the receiver.

In addition, this motorcycle alarm system also has a display, which shows easy-to-read icons to let you know the something is going on. In fact, it can tell you specifically what happened, whether it was bumped, titled or if the ignition was tampered with.

The display also has a clock, which can timestamp events. The receiver also has three buttons that can lock, unlock or sound the siren. It can fit easily on a key ring, too. When you order this kit, everything you need to install it comes along: the receiver, waterproof alarm, a wire kit and hardware. There is also OEM plug-in kits available for various manufactures including Harley Davidson.

This Scorpio SR-i500 motorcycle alarm system is easy to install, and well   worth the time- considering what could happen without the alarm. Whether it is the Scorpio SR-i500 or another model, a motorcycle alarm system is an accessory every proud chopper owner should own...

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