Are Custom Harleys The Best Choppers On The Road?

Custom harleys are truly unique, and there is nothing quite like owning a custom Harley Davidson motorcycle for two reasons: 

Custom Harleys are a piece of hand built American muscle that no one owns but of the most exhilarating experiences you will ever encounter.

Harley Davidson was the company that helped create the "Bad Boy" biker image that began in the 1940's. So you'll own a piece of HISTORY!

Having the satisfaction that most motorcycles will never compare to your custom Harley on the open highway has led many to build their very own custom Harley Davidson motorcycle...

Yes, you can build your own custom Harley.

The best custom Harleys in my opinion are simple. Simple is beautiful. There are many subtle ways to improve a Harley without taking away from the fact that it's already a work of art.

Building custom Harleys requires creative thought and patience, and a little practice working with metal. But it will be a fun and rewarding task. You can do it...

The Custom Harley You Create Will

Define Who You Are... 

When you build your Harley you will be building a dream. It involves what's inside you. Marinate yourself in the project. Learn, and enjoy!

SIDE BAR: To get the best instruction on metalworking and custom bike building, learn from the best. Not some guy working in his garage for the first time...

Who is the best?

Ron Covell is one of top 10 master fabricators in the world in our opinion. And he put together a series of professionally produced instructional videos on metalworking and custom bike building. There is nothing better on the market.

There are several online and offline manufacturers that cater to custom Harleys. Several companies specialize in custom work.

The options for a custom Harley is limitless. For example you can choose from any type of custom frames, including but not limited to a rolling chassis, a classic sportster, a rigid frame, softail frames, and a plethora of other frames and parts to suit all your custom Harleys needs.

Custom Harleys can have a frame with sheet metal or a front wheel bearing spacer.

Of course you can always go through Harley Davidson Motorcycle shops and get ideas. There are shops located in big cities all over the country. Harley Davidson is also available online for those who may not live close to a Harley Davidson vendor. On the website you can choose from many different parts. Anything from wheels, to custom frames.

If you are lucky and shop around there are also vendors that sell custom Harley parts at wholesale.

You can also get a Harley bike kit. Everything is included and all you have to do is piece it together. Bike kits are not easy, so if you don't have experience in this area you should consider having a shop put your bike together for you (you may even be able to participate with them in building your custom Harley...ask!)

There are many high quality custom chopper builders and custom chopper parts manufacturers. But in terms of the sheer number of Harleys out there, resale value due to demand, and consistent quality, you have to give them the honor of King Of The Road. But like I said, there are many high quality manufacturers that equal or surpass Harley in quality.

No matter where you shop for Harley, by choosing the name Harley Davidson you know you are getting the best quality bike in the world.

This page has more information on stock Harleys and custom Harleys.

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