Why You Should Consider A Motorcycle Club!

At its very basic level a motorcycle club is a group of motorcyclists riding together for companionship and sharing their love for riding. But for many people it ends up becoming much more than that. There is a lot of diversity when it comes to different types and purposes motorcycle clubs.

Almost everyone joins the club for that special feeling of being part of a brotherhood, a feeling that there are people like us, people with whom we can share our common love of motorcycle and riding. 

This becomes more complex than that as well with people forming formal clubs which then go on to conduct motorcycle events and even charity events where motorcycle clubs raise money to help some charity.

The simplest of all clubs are the social motorcycle clubs. It might just be group of friends riding together and calling it a club. Their simple purpose: to enjoy that spirit of riding motorcycles.

Then there rather more organized social biker clubs which other people are able to join but their purpose is also usually similar to the above. They may be looking for friend for enjoying time riding together with others or to learn a bit about riding from them and they usually have no specific purpose. They can also plan vacations together where they go riding and travelling. There are usually no requirements for such clubs and not a lot of commitment is expected anyways.

These more organized motorcycle clubs usually just require an application and a small amount of fee which you have to pay for joining. They might have some other simple requirement, like whether the previous members actually get to like you for which they would allow you to ride with club for a while to get to know you better though some may allow you to join only if you are invited in the first place. 

If such clubs have specific back patches, these are usually purchased along with the membership and sometimes you might get to keep them permanently even if you leave the club though at other times the club might require you to return it.

Serious Motorcycle Clubs.

There are more serious and much larger motorcycle clubs as well which usually take themselves very seriously. The membership of such clubs is also a source of pride for their members and large amount of commitment is expected where you must attend the club meeting when it is called and must take part in the events conducted by the club. 

They usually have a charter or organizing document detailing the organization and purposes of the club. There are usually chosen officers and directors for such clubs as well who are chosen to run the affairs of the motorcycle club, organize its meetings and conduct the events to be conducted by it. 

There are usually annuals dues, regular meetings and events, even regular publications for such motorcycle clubs. They have rules and bylaws of their own as well which all members are required to follow if they are to be members of the club. They are also pretty strict about their enforcement and action can be taken against club members and they are always held accountable if they do not follow the rules.

The club organization is usually region based because it only makes sense that people of a particular area were to be able to join a club because only they can regularly attend a meeting with commitment. So if someone is looking to join a particular club they should look for one in their own area though of course there are clubs which span over large regions but they also usually have local branches where local members can get together while regional events and meeting can take place less frequently.

The larger motorcycle clubs offer a chance to organize rallies and other shows or to take part in such shows conducted by others, as a club. They can organize competition between the members as well. So the member can get together and have a chance to enjoy things.

In a motorcycle club, to become a member of the club, the things normally start out by meeting the club and its member in some ways so they can get to know you better, you have to attend public parties, rides, and events, and get to know the various members. Later, if they find you suitable enough and if you feel right to them they may offer to sponsor you as a prospective member. If you become a prospective member, you're then put to a test of will, after which you'll earn your membership. This test of will varies from club to club, and can be almost no test of will, to an extreme test of will depending on the club.

There might be some biker clubs which might still not offer you full membership and you have to pass through a longer test of sorts where they get to know you better more closely, at such a time you might be able to use the club logo but you  cannot have its patches. It is later, once you have passed this stage as well that you get to be a full-fledged member.

This is one side of club organization; some of the other clubs may be organized around the bikers of a particular country or a particular brand like Harley Davidson or Honda or Indian where all the members wear the sign of those brands on their patches as well. This provides bikers with the opportunity to learn about their particular brand of bikes from each other and also tips and advice on how to take care of the motorcycles, where to find that particular elusive part which can’t be found anywhere else and, so to speak, compare notes on their bikes. They might also help each other with custom jobs and restoration jobs of the motorcycles since many members would know things that other might not. 

There can even be motorcycle clubs for police, military or firefighters members specifically. The clubs specifically organized and run by the members of Law Enforcement Agencies are called Law Enforcement Clubs, a club that is Law Enforcement club must have at least 75% of people who must be Law Enforcement members. 

There are even such motorcycle clubs which revolve around subjects other the motorcycles like some particular cause or sexual orientation or some clubs reserved only for women or even the ones for particular religions.

More Biker Club Ideas!

Whether stuck on the side of the road and need a tow- or stuck in the office and need a vacation, these clubs will allow you enjoyment and assistance!

Bet you thought AAA was just for automobiles! Not anymore, as they offer a program for motorcycle owners, under their AAA Plus RV plan. As a member, you will be eligible for roadside assistance which includes fuel delivery, battery charge, towing, stuck vehicle services, travel accident expense, bail bond protection and more.

Also under the AAA Plus RV plan, you be able to access all the other benefits of being a AAA member, which includes travel services. Although it's not a motorcycle club exactly, this is perfect if you and your friend want to plan a ride/vacation

AAA can provide you with maps, guides and by showing your valid card, you can also receive discounts at many hotels. AAA also offers insurance for its members, as well as a slew of other financial services- such as loan for a new bike! For more information, visit www.aaa.com and type in your zip code to find the club nearest you.

Another popular club among motorcycle owners is Motorcycle Touring Services. MTS, a motorcycle club, has the slogan "Ride with us and never rode alone again!" it boasts over 7000 member towing companies. But what is unique about this company is that they have their own dispatch center with all employees knowledgeable about motorcycles and their riders. In addition, all of their affiliated towing service companies must be licensed, insured and have the right equipment to tow motorcycles.

President Gene Wagner feels this is what sets MTS apart from the others, and also that the company was started for and by riders, and ran by enthusiasts. So, members are being serviced by people just like them!

Their member benefits include emergency towing, roadside assistance, key number registration, lost key reimbursement, trip routing, hotel and rental car discounts, new motorcycle discounts and shipping services. For more information, visit mts motorcycle club.

A third motorcycle club is Bros Club: Motorcylce Road Service. The  club offers services like 24/7 emergency roadside service from a nationwide network of 40,000 flatbed motorcycle towers In addition to towing and transport, the service also offers jumpstart and flat tire service, as well as trip routing services, insurance, automotive discounts and reduced hotel rates. A friendly company, Bros Club also is active in many charities. For details, visit www.brosclub.org

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