New And Cool Motorcycle Rain Gear

If you are looking for motorcycle rain gear then you are truly a motorcycle lover. For some people, winter is a time of the year to roll their chopper motorcycles into the garage, put the battery on a slight charge and then wait for spring. 

But for people like yourself, you won't let a little rain deprive you of a good ride. 

It is very important that proper care be taken as to the kind of motorcycle rain gear you get for the season. There are a variety of jackets, vests, liners, gloves, and other gear available in the stores which can keep you nice and warm while riding in winter.

Here are some picks on motorcycle rain gear and winter riding gear that can make your winter riding trips fun and more importantly 'toasty' (for you hard core chopper lovers, some of this motorcycle rain gear is not for you because I know, you are tough enough to ride in the rain like it was summer!):

Aerostich Windblock Kanetsu Electric Liner: This liner is a violet blue color, full sleeved liner with a collar. It has two under arm vents which keep certain areas cool whereas the 70 watt heating elements help to keep other areas warm. The liner is made of nylon on the inside which houses three internal pockets. One pocket has the coil hook ups and power switch and the second can be used to keep personal things. The third rear pocket is made in such a way that the liner can roll up and fit into the pocket thus making it its own carry bag. Available in all sizes ranging from small to double extra large. These liners look cool and make great motorcycle rain gear gifts.

Gerbing Heated Jacket: This full sleeved jacket is designed with a collar and is made of nylon. Heating elements are present not just in the sleeves but also in the back, chest, and collar for thorough heating. These jackets don't come in standardized sizes but are made according to nine specific measurements provided by the buyer. This makes the jacket a perfect fit. 

Aerostich Deerskin Gloves: These gloves give a very comfortable fit  and the feel of an old piece of oft worn clothing. Even new and right out of their packing, these gloves feel like you have had them for years.

They are made of deerskin and are thick enough for use in the coolest of weathers. There is an elastic band at the wrist for a firmer fit and a supporting ridge at the thumb and two middle fingers. The natural tan color won't leave black marks all over your hands.

Electric Chaps: Chaps help to supply extra warmth to your legs during winter. The Lectric Chaps from Widder are a good buy and are made of 600 denier windproof polyester. They are insulated with 'Thinsulate Thermal' insulation. These chaps have seven Velcro straps which help them to adjust to the shape of your legs and the heating elements are also spaced out throughout the chaps. They are light in weight and can be worn either over or under your regular pants. Available in various lengths.

Head and Neck Gear: A balaclava, which is a combination head and neck protector, is very essential for winter riding. Head and neck gear is essential motorcycle rain gear. And the Roadgear micro fleece balaclava design takes this regular head gear a notch ahead.

Riding in winter can be a good experience provided you take the correct precautions and wear the motorcycle rain gear.

Motorcycle riding gear for the winter is important, but be sure you get gear that will last.

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