The Motorcycle Museum: Motorcycle Hall Of Fame

The Ultimate Motorcycle Museum: There is a hall of fame for most things and, as you would expect, there is a Motorcycle Hall of Fame. It is located in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio called Pickerington, just off Interstate 70. It's not just a bunch of old motorcycles, but is all about biking.

Recognized in the Hall of Fame are those who have made motorcycling what it is today in many different ways. Whether they were inducted for motorcycle business, history, engineering design, road riding contributions, off-road or stunt cycling, or racing, the list of members is long and diverse.

The selection of new inductees at the 'ultimate motorcycle museum' is performed by a committee formed by the living members of the Hall of Fame and volunteers who are experts in certain areas of the motorcycling sports, design, or other facet of biking.

Erik Buell was inducted in 2002 for developing the Buell motorcycle. Of course, Evel Knievel is a member, as are five of the Davidson family of Harley Davidson fame. The list of members if very long!

Motorcycles on display at the 'ultimate' motorcycle museum are as old as the 1894 Roper Steamer and cover bikes are new as the 1991 Harley Davidson Sturgis model and the 1994 Harley Davidson FXDB Sturgis model. There are some very rare and unusual motorcycles displayed in this classics display area. Some of the oldest look like glorified bicycles - for real! The 1905 Indian Single was obviously built on a bicycle frame with a small engine over the rear fender! In fact, it was the early 1930's before anything resembling even vaguely the motorcycles we know today was available.

Craig Vetter's 1970 Mystery Ship rolling artwork limited addition motorcycle is on display. Vetter changed the face of racing and biking in general with his design of Windjammer fairings. The influence of Vetter is visible clearly in today's "crotch rocket" motorcycles.

The other exhibits in the museum change with a display being in place about two years. They do not all change at once, of course, but cycle. In late 2004 and early 2005, the exhibits available include Motocross American, a history of the motocross sport from the 1920's until today. Another exhibit, BSA's Greatest Daytona, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the 1954 Daytona 200 race where BSA dominated the race on the sands of Daytona Beach.

Previous exhibits at the 'ultimate' motorcycle museum include the History of Harley Davidson, Craig Vetter - A Man in the Wind, A Century of Indians, Women and Motorcycling and many more. BMW, the Mastery of Speed opens in mid-2005. Who knows what great ideas they will have for the next display to rotate into the museum? Each display has presented top quality history, displays of motorcycles, presented in a very pleasing display.

Set in a park-like area, this museum is a nice place to visit during any trip that takes you near the Columbus, Ohio area. Take a day to see history before you.

The motorcycle museum is supported by donations from bikers around the country and motorcycle clubs who have become Heritage Foundation Members by providing financial support. Volunteers assist in moving displays to Daytona, Motorcycle Shows, and maintaining the museum during the winter months.

Great accommodations and camping areas are available nearby, so this could be a destination ride for you or your group. If you can't go in person, the motorcycle museum for a tour!

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