Tips And Advice On Motorcycle Trailers

There are two main types of motorcycle trailers. Each trailer serves very different functions. The first type of trailer is the kind that is used by cars, trucks and other vehicles to tow a motorcycle to another destination. 

The second kind of trailer attaches to the motorcycle and is used for transporting baggage and other goods. This type of trailer is not the type of trailer that we will be referring to in this article as in that context; the term motorcycle trailer is just a nickname for a motorcycle accessory.

The type of motorcycle trailer that is used to tow a bike from place to place comes in handy for individuals who like to take their custom choppers or motorcycles along with them on vacation. 

It can also spare you the expense of renting a truck or a similar trailer should your motorcycle or chopper break down and need to be transported to a mechanic or a gas station. 

Driving Tips…

A motorcycle trailer also enables those who build customized choppers for display and exhibition purposes to take their vehicle on the road without damaging the paint job or tires by putting mileage on it.

When it comes to managing a trailer for harley davidson or any motorcycle on the road, the rule of thumb is "Speed kills." If you drive too fast while towing a motorcycle-trailer the it is likely to start swaying and swerving. You should also avoid sudden starts and stops as this can cause the trailer to skid, slide, detach from the car, or jack-knife off the road.

Other driving tips for towing a chopper motorcycle trailer include being careful not to turn corners too fast and keeping your foot on the accelerator pedal in case you suddenly have to slow down. 

As the trailer functions as a kind of a tail for your car, it is mostly likely to hit cars or other objects while you are rounding a curve or turning a corner. You are also are urged to remember that the trailer's wheels are closer to the inside of a turn than the wheels of your car. This means the trailer is more likely to hit or ride up over a curb while accomplishing a turn.

Wind and air pressure changes caused by the passing of large trucks and other vehicles can also be a bit of a challenge to those towing trailers. To control swaying and buffets of wind from passing vehicles, keep your foot on the accelerator pedal so that you can immediately slow down as required. Remember to also keep a firm grip on the steering wheel should you suddenly have to compensate for a sudden swaying of the trailer.

A quick surf on the Internet will reveal that motorcycle trailers come in all shapes, styles and sizes, including types that are capable of transporting up to four motorcycles or choppers in one go. 

A quick and easy way to shop for a trailer is to search on Ebay or Craigslist for trailers... However, here are a few tips before you bid or buy from someone you don’t know…

Be sure the seller is not selling for the first time. Take a look at the items they have sold already and make sure they have positive feedback on these items. The more feedback they have on sold items (especially for trailers or used motorcycle equipment) the better...

There are some scam artists will create a new, fake identity and instantly buy as many super cheap items they can to get a positive feedback rating of around 10 or so. Then they will list an expensive item for sale like a motorcycle trailer and rip you off once you pay them.

Since they have positive feedback they must be legitimate, right? No. Like I said, if they don't have any positive feedback on several items they already sold already you run the risk of being ripped off. 

Otherwise it's pretty safe for buying new or used trailers and equipment. Just use common sense and follow the tips above for buying motorcycle trailers, or any other items for that matter.

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