The Chopper Sissy Bar

Is there really such thing as a chopper sissy bar? Custom builders who like the look of a Harley might say no. After all you are building this bike for "show", not for the road. Also traditionally, Harley's did not boast high chopper sissy bars. These were more like tubular metal hand grips that circled around the base of the seat.

Both Santee and Krome Werks make the shorter sissy bars that are typical of most Harleys. These chrome bars circle right around the base of the motorcycle seat. These chopper sissy bars are not tall enough to support your back and are simply  meant to be gripped by the hands of the passenger riding with you. Sometimes these sissy bars are called hand grips.

As chopper builders do tend to prefer the Harley look, you are likely to find a chopper sissy bar that you are looking for at They sell products by an interesting company called Plug n Play that makes black backrests that can easily be removed and replaced from the back of the sissy bar. That way a sissy bar can just be attached to the bike when you need it. This is very important for custom chopper builders who fell that a sissy bar ruins the severe look of a Harley inspired chopper. Chopperscycle also sells chrome backrests in different heights that feature the gold plate of the Harley Davidson logo on the back.

Despite the fact that a chopper sissy bar is not considered to be that macho, they are all the rage in custom built chopper circles along with raised or twisted chopper handlebars. The trendiest "look" is meant to resemble a banana bike from the sixties. Perhaps this is why one of the best places to find unique and unusual seats and chopper sissy bars to customize your chopper might be old bicycle shops and aftermarket sources for bicycle parts online. One good place to find twisted, flat or unusual sissy bars is

A low slung bike can look quite cool with a very tall elegant sissy bar. Combined with a banana seat, preferably in a lurid color, you can give our custom built chopper that sought after seventies look. Another great place to find custom parts and vintage looking bike and chopper part is

Aeromach specializes in developing chrome parts to help custom builders build Harly'ish looking bikes. Aeromach's selection of sissy bars are polished and chrome plated. All of their Harley parts are easy to install and you will not have to drill or cut up your bike.

A sissy bar is a tall backrest. It helps to keep a passenger from falling   off and it's also useful to bungee luggage to a bike when there is no passenger. You can also buy sissy bar pads. These can be bought as "slip ons" that slide down the sissy bar. As a sissy bar can poke into the spine, they make your passenger's ride more comfortable and are worth the expense for those who want to "go the long distance."

If you are just building a custom chopper "for show" then you don't necessarily need a sissy bar. However when it comes to traveling long distance, a sissy bar may be necessary to provide both comfort and convenience.

Otherwise a custom chopper sissy bar is not that necessary, especially if you are going for that old style stripped down and chopped up Harley look.

Here is where to look first if you want to find a chopper sissy bar.

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