A Simple Guide to Choosing Motorcycle Boots

The process of choosing motorcycle boots can be a real pain in the rear. But we put together a simple guide that will make it simple. Lets begin...

So you've got your custom chopper or stock motorcycle and you are stumped as to what kind of motorcycle boots to get.. This is an important part of your riding apparel and you must choose carefully to get both comfort and the foot protection you need.

In the event of an accident or a tip-over, your feet will most likely be one of the first things to contact pavement. In a fishtail, you may find you have to put a foot down and drag it along the pavement to steady the motorcycle. There are hot exhaust pipes near your feet when you are mounted on the saddle. These are all reasons that you need to protect your feet properly. Choosing motorcycle boots made easier...

Choosing Motorcycle Boots: Where You Need Protection

You need protection for the ankle, heel, sole of the foot and toes. These are the very basics in choosing motorcycle boots. In an ccident, you are actually more likely to tear ligaments, rip muscles, tendons and skin than to fracture bones in your ankles and feet. However, if your foot is trapped under the motorcycle as you go down, serious fractures requiring surgery are likely. Even a low-speed crash or a drop from a stopped position can cause injury.

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It is alarming to see someone riding a motorcycle in sneakers or, worse yet, flip flops or slaps. These types of foot gear do not provide the protection you need and should you get into trouble while wearing something like these on your feet, you hopefully will live to regret it. However, you could be regretting it with only a part of your foot remaining. Don't let something very painful happen that can result in a life-long handicap because you failed to choose the right riding gear.

Personally, I don't consider it a good idea to ride wearing shorts, but many people do it. With the styles of motorcycle boots available today, I've seen some awfully hot looking ladies wearing shorts and motorcycle boots while riding as you can see from the picture at left..

According to the Motorcycle Association of New South Wales in Australia, the worldwide proportion of motorcycle accidents that incur injuries to the foot are:

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  • Proportion of all injured riders: 16%
  • Proportion with soft tissue injuries: 15%
  • Proportion with fractures: 4%
  • Riders with motorcycle boots are 50% less likely to injure their feet.

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing motorcycle boots to protect your feet, ankles and, if you select full height boots, your lower calf.

You want to choose boots that are comfortable so that you can wear them all day and evening during long road trips without suffering discomfort. They should fit snugly but not be too tight. Too tight boots can cause your feet to become numb, especially in cold weather.

When you order your boots, try them on when your feet are their maximum size (order them from Zappos because they are cheap, you get free shipping, and they arrive quickly. Plus if they don't fit, just throw them in the box and the postman will get'em. Then order another couple pair). During the course of a day, gravity causes body fluid to travel to the lower extremities causing your feet to enlarge. Do not ever buy motorcycle boots first thing in the morning; they are almost certain to fit poorly when worn later in the day.

Walk around in the motorcycle boots, bend down, crouch, step up onto a stair if possible. See how the boots feel on you feet as well as your legs. Do they cut into the back of your calves when you bend? Can you sit, stand, and move about comfortable. Boots that fit well and are made of quality materials will not restrict movement severely. If you find that the boots you are considering to not allow you to move comfortable, keep looking. Boots are too expensive to end up wishing later that you have chosen another style or type.

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Choosing Motorcycle Boots: Why Construction and Design Is Key

For effective protection, select boots that cover the shins and, if you want full-height boots, the calf as well. Pay attention to how the soles are attached; sewn-on leather soles are much stronger than bonded soles that are basically just glued on. If you had to drag your foot along the ground, bonded soles will quickly rip away.

When choosing motorcycle boots, considering choosing oil resistant leather or composition soles and waterproof leather uppers if possible. Do not select boots that allow your foot to hand over the sole. There should actually be a bit of sole that extends past the upper to provide some side protection.

A slight stepped heel on motorcycle boots can help keep your feet in position on the foot pegs.

Choose boots without laces or laces that have buckles over them or zippered covers so that your boot laces can not get tangled up with a motorcycle part and cause an accident.

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