Quick Review Of The Triumph Bonneville Chopper

The Triumph Bonneville chopper is a passion for many chopper lovers. And a Bonneville,  stock bike is one of the most popular brand of motorcycles, well admired by its owners as well.

Triumph Bonneville, basic features 

Triumph Bonneville is a relatively light, 800 cc motorcycle. Its users find it highly reliable, as it stops well and manages the cornering fine. The W650 from Kawasaki was its only competitor, but could not beat its rival. Both old and young, people of all ages are very fond of their Triumph Bonneville motorcycle. 

However, bikers in favor of more and more speed have not been satisfied fully. They feel that there is lack of sheer horsepower when they try to accelerate. To overcome this problem, additional charger kits are provided with Triumph Bonneville chopper nowadays.


Those who are in need of more speed are adding, turbocharger kits (107 HP) and 920 cc big bore kits (84.6 HP) which are available now. The topmost speed that can be attained is 115 MPH. The Triumph Bonneville motorcycle has hard seats, and soft forks. There are however no fork-gaiters. 

The predecessors of Triumph Bonneville chopper had certain drawbacks. Their owners encountered clutch chatter, broken speedo-cables, suffered from air box gas leaks and tight gas caps used to pose a great problem. However these lacunae have ceased to exist in their successor, the Bonneville chopper (more like, chopper style motorcycle. A true chopper is when you 'chop it up'). For regular commuting, bikers have found their Triumph Bonneville chopper to be simply superb. Also the bike sports a highly ergonomic design. There is no hidden radiator within the bike, but there is an air-cooler.

One small inconvenience is in the positioning of the key. It seems that every time you start up or shut down, you are paying attention to your undergarment area!

triumph bonneville motorcycle

Your Triumph Bonny chopper (also known as the Triumph Bonneville America) has a 270-degree crankshaft instead of the regular 360 degrees. But this 270-degree crankshaft makes the bike run smoothly, producing a fiery and audible exhaust note. The Triumph Bonneville chopper boasts of a light clutch pull and a well-seasoned five-speed gearbox that performs nicely. The bike has very low, advantageous seat height-27.5 inches. The grips are reasonably well positioned and help the rider to cruise along smoothly. Though the standard HP is 44 only, still you feel that you are getting more.

Though the Triumph Bonneville chopper cannot be compared with a sports bike, still this model gives a fair amount of ground clearance before the pegs drag. The attributes of it can be summed up as a cruiser with a sporty spirit. 

A True Bonneville Chopper...

triumph bonneville chopper

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