Custom Chopper Video Clips

A Custom Chopper Video Shows (Below): Just Killer Custom Motorcycles and More...

Custom Chopper Pictures (Video) Part 3...

This new DVD will show you how to create strong, beautiful welds. THE best instructional DVD on tig welding in the world! Click here for more pricing and more details.

Custom Motorcycles Part 1

'Making Motorcycle Gas Tanks'. Another must have DVD loaded with custom motorcycle gas tank building tips and secrets By Ron Covell. A living metalworking legend. This 167 minute DVD is a must for any custom builder, welder, or fabricator. Click here for more pricing and more details.


Custom Motorcycles Part 2

Build A Chopper Frame: This DVD called Building A Chopepr Chassis by Ron Covell is 70 minute DVD shows you step-by-step how to build a chopper frame from scatch. And you'll learn from the best metalworking instuctor on the planet. Get all the details by clicking here.


The following video is of Ron Covel building a custom chopper frame. As you will see, he is in the top 10 metalworkers in the world, in our opinion. If you are interested in learning or improving your metalworking skills, learn from the best. And it's Ron Covell. But, the very cool thing about Ron's instructional dvd's is that they are professionally produced, and makes learning fun and easy. We guaranee it! (By the way, we are considering adding more chopper videos such as this including, reviews, and more. So please let us know if this interests you, otherwise we will continue as we have since 2003.)

Working With Tubing: If you want to build anything that involves tubing, then this 95 minute DVD is essential. You won't get a more professional and educational experience than you will with Ron Covell's guides. Get more info here.

Good-quality video clips are hard to come by, but we are going to find more and create more. so let us know what you prefer. Do you want the video clips like the one above where it basically shows killer custom choppers, or do you want, video clips on how to build custom choppers, or would you prefer chopper videos that review parts and products?

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