A Few Tips On Custom Motorcycle Seats...

Custom motorcycle seats: When building a custom motorcycle there are many options available for each and every aspect of your custom built motorcycle.

You always want to make sure that your custom chopper is going to be safe and comfortable.

A goood seat is essential to your quality custom motorcycle. The custom motorcycle seat you choose should be...comfortable, reliable, dependable, and practical.

Custom seats are found via many manufacturers online. They can also be found locally depending on your area. The example on your left is a custom seat designed by Orange County Choppers.

Custom motorcycle seats can range in styles and colors, everything from black to green or you can get a custom color if you want something original.

You can even get a custom seat in stripes, in checkers or design it with your name on it.

Your custom seat design options are many. 

The most popular seat dealers include Corbin, Pro Form, Air Hawk (on the left), and Travelcade. 

These custom motorcycle parts dealers have various sizes of custom seats. The easiest to find are the small, medium and large. 

The Largest Selection And Best Prices...  

Here is where to find the best deals on every model of Corbin seats.

Here is where to find a good selection of custom motorcycle seats, at very good prices. 

When looking for a custom motorcycle seat the most important aspect you will need to consider is the overall comfort of the seating. In doing that you need to decide which type of seat will be best for your needs. If you are planning to take long rides on and will be on your motorcycle for hours at a time, a motorcycle seat that is uncomfortable or unusually hard might not be the best choice for you. There are an array of comfort levels. For instance they have saddle seats, and gel seating.

As you can see the possibilities are many when it comes to motorcycle seats and cushions. 

Gel cushions with sheepskin covering are readily available for ride as well. 

Another option would be a super cruiser custom seat. These stylish seats are available in gel.

Many models of custom motorcycle seats come in leather or gel. Gel is better for the long distance rider, while leather is more durable but is not as comfortable. 

No matter what kind of custom motorcycle seat you choose making your own custom chopper ensures that the motorcycle is made exactly the way you want it to be with your comfort in mind.

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