Looking For Custom Chopper Builders?

People who are really love their motorcycles and riding them can be pretty specific about what they want. There people who would very specific kind of chopper or bobber or any other kind of motorcycle and for that they get the help of the custom motorcycle builders who would build motorcycle according to their individual taste.

This individual taste might include someone who likes his motorcycles to be extra fast, or they might be someone who is looking for extra speed or they might just be looking for something different, something special. The custom motorcycle builders cater to all the different personal choices.

In this world of competition with the big businesses and manufacturers it takes a lot of grit to stand up and make a name for yourself in such a service as motorcycle building or even custom motorcycle building because the companies are already presenting such a wide choice but there are people, the custom motorcycle builders who do exactly that.

It doesn’t matter what kind of person, for which purpose or which taste is looking for a custom motorcycle the job of the builder remains the same. He has to listen, above all, and understand what the customer needs. At the same time he has to suggest and show how it could be done what they customer wants because sometimes even the customer himself doesn’t fully understand what he really wants in his heart and what would satisfy him.

Once that has been decided you get down to work and create, create exactly what has been planned in as best a way as you can think possible. 

Do You Want To Be A Custom Motorcycle Builder?

Thinking is one thing, doing quite another. It is possible, of course it is! But it depends on how much potential to work for it do you have? How much are you ready to give it? Are you ready to give it your all? To take one, come what may? Then you can do it but before all that here are some of the things you should be thinking about: 

First things first: You need education. You might not need that much education to start up with the work but if you want to succeed, if you want to be the next Dave Perewittz, if you really want to make money out of it, you would need education. You would need to understand the motorcycles in and out. You will have to give it your all before you can catch up to people already up there. People out there, people with whom you are competing are educated, they have degrees, they have degrees, some even have motorcycle patents to their. So if you have to stand up with them. You will have to do it.


It need not necessarily be formal education. Just educate yourself, as long as you have the desire and the will, you can do it. When you get down to it, you can find scores of videos, books and websites which would help you understand the motorcycle and custom motorcycle building. Do it, as intimately as possible. It has been suggested that building a motorcycle kit would be pretty helpful in getting the education as well experience and understanding, so do that once you have enough knowledge. You learn way more by doing instead of just reading, watch and understanding. Moreover, working on a motorcycle kit would give you a start as well to make more money before you get down to actually become a custom motorcycle builder.

Perseverance and wish to actually become a motorcycle builder would play a great part in this all as well. Those people who actually reach the top have an immense desire to achieve what they achieve, they practically live their life for this, spend their whole lives working towards this one goal. That is the kind of will and perseverance you would need. You would need to really grind yourself, become involved to achieve the same thing. They love their jobs, so should you.

You will also need to be extremely creative, smart and prudent. Be creative when it comes to building your custom motorcycle. Be smart when handling the people with whom you have to deal: both customers and the people you get to work for you. And finally be prudent when it comes down to you business. You have to try to be your best but kill that ego and know that you also have a lot to learn and you can’t learn unless you humbly understand that you don’t know everything.

Despite all that I have written, you must know that you must not your all altogether into this in one go. Go at it slowly in the beginning. If you have job keep working on it. It would help you keep sane, healthy and out of trouble where money is concerned and trust me until it does not become all about money for you, you will be able to do and understand the whole thing better and setup your whole system rather easily. Work on this dream during off days and nights. 

Slowly build it up. If you succeed slightly, if you start making some money out of it and start having customers then you can leave your old job and get down to this fully. Then you can pitch your all. It, probably still won’t be an easy ride. You would still face a lot of problems but then you would be able to handles them/

Finally, to be the real custom bike builder you must at times go with your heart, well not always….go with your brain too, it is useful you know but it doesn’t hurt sometimes to go with what heart is telling you. Anyways, the point is that you must understand that there might be times when you have to trust your guts tell you, times when your heart will tell you that you have to make this jump. Make it. Other times trust your brain on your path to the successful motorcycle builder because you always need both.

Putting In The Hours!

Good custom chopper builders put in hours of hard work and dedication and incredible amounts of thought to create an irresistible mixture of art and technology that can be rode. 

The creativity is endless when building or modifying, as almost all the parts and accessories can either be hand-made or easily customized. Custom chopper owners should be proud, as many of this caliber of bike are considered artwork. 

The recent custom chopper craze is the result of widespread exposure of this vehicle by way of movies and television shows, like American Chopper and Motorcycle Mania. Custom-built choppers can give an extreme sense of individuality and freedom. In fact, it brings a sort of rebellion from within, oozing with creativity. Owning one can create a unique- and even a dream- lifestyle, such a lifestyle that is attracting countless others. A range of designs, hand picked parts and finishing touches can make for a dream come true.

If you are looking for custom chopper builders, be careful. Ask them tough questions about the products and procedures they use. If they can't answer, won't answer, or get defensive, move on. Quality custom chopper builders have you in mind. So not only should they answer your questions, they should ask you about what you want in a bike. 

Custom chopper builders should also be willing to work on your bike after it's completed. Undoubtably problems will arise as a result of their build, and they should cover their work with some sort of warranty. And of course you'll get factory warranties from various parts, but the builder should be educated on this and of course, help you with it.

There are many custom chopper builders available. Some have been around a long time and trustworthy, others are new and trustworthy, and many are simply desperate for a project so they can pay the rent.

Do you homework and you will be rewarded with a quality custom chopper builder who won't rip you off and give you what you need.

We do not endorse the following customer chopper builders, but they might be a good start for you (we are also testing a new service, so if you would like us to find a builder for you, please shoot us an email and let us know what you are looking for...for serious buyers only.)

  • Mat Hotch's dream started in a garage, eventually culminating in 1997 into HotMatch Custom Cycles. Hotch's strive for perfection won him the much-coveted Discovery Channel's Great Biker Build-Off Award.
  • Dave Dupor's DD Custom Cycle has earned a reputation for being a creator and modifier of high quality, professionally engineered custom chopper. He has fabrication capabilities, making his beasts not only stand out, but also create total riding satisfaction. Additionally, he provides after sale services and premium spare parts and accessories. 
  • Dave Perewitz, a self taught designer, mechanic, painter and fabricator, started Cycle Fabrication in 1974. Perewitz remains an influential figure in a custom chopper builders' fraternity for the last 30 years.
  • Easyriders and Freeway have called Mitch Bergeron "The Maestro of Metal" and "The Mozart of Chop." Bergeron's boundless creativity enables him to build custom choppers and even resurrect those that were completely destroyed.
  • In 1989 Chip Miyler started modifying Harley Davidson motorcycles to the needs of his customers. He later graduated to building full fledge customized models, and in 2000 he opened Mid-West Choppers Inc, and since its inception, he has built over 100 bikes, many which were featured in national publications. This custom chopper builder and fabricator can make an undreamt motorcycle. 
  • Building since the 1980's, many of Kendall Johnson's works have appeared in motorcycle magazines. He has built different models for different clients all over the country, but his are mostly known for their big and reliable HP motors. 
  • With little knowledge, Jesse Rooke constructed his first motorcycle, Dina. Riding on that success, he opened Jesse Rooke Customs. At just 27, this custom chopper builder has grown to be a respected figure because of his passion for building motorcycles with innovative products.
  • There are many others like Hank Young Choppers, Exile Cycles, Echelon Motorcycle Company- who are definitely worthy of mention.

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