Defining Pro Street Motorcycles 

What, you might ask, are custom pro street motorcycles? Put quite simply, this term refers to dream machines that are street legal and works of art. Pro street customs and street bikes built based on stock dimensions can fall into this category. The main thing that differentiates a pro street from a stock -- off the show room floor motorcycle -- is the customization factor.

"Prostreet motorcycle" is a term that covers a lot of ground -- or metal to be more accurate. A Pro street bike that is based on stock dimensions and specs can be used for pro street racing, but pro street choppers also fall into the category but cannot be raced in the same class as the pro street racing cycles.

Pro street motorcycles are based on professional quality customization or enhancements to the stock cycle such as engine power enhancements. That's where the "pro" comes into the nomenclature. "Street" simply means these are meant for on   the street and on the highway use as opposed to motorcycles which are built for off road or non-street legal fun.

Pro street customs are truly works of art. These motorcycles are built for the comfort of the ride as well as to add a lot of "wow factor" and head turning. As the motorcycle passes by pedestrians on the street or people driving in their cars, "Wow" is seen coming from their lips as their heads turn to catch another glimpse of the gorgeous heavy metal passing by. 

Just because these bikes are called "pro" street motorcycles, that doesn't mean they have to be built by a professional builder. Any experienced builder can create a pro street motorcycles if they design and build a great looking bike.

Racing pro street bikes is a very popular sport. Fully street legal motorcycles that are hot rods of the biker world gather to compete in these events. Pro Street Legal Motorcycle Class races pit stock and stock appearing pro street motorcycles in competition on NHRA approved race tracks. The pro street racers can have engine modifications and power add-ons but cannot have wheelie bars. 

NOS and turbo race separately from the motorcycles without these power enhancements. Them motorcycles are grouped based on weight, wheelbase and other specifications so that the competition is structured so that pro street cycles which are close in capability race against each other, keeping the competition exciting and fun to watch for the motorcycle race enthusiast.

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