The 49cc Mini Harley Chopper Scooter!

The hottest news on the roads, but not the highways, is the 49cc mini harley chopper scooter. The reason that these fabulous little choppers are not suitable for zipping along the highway is because they are too lightweight. If you get in a serious accident you are toast. Also these mini-harleys only go up to speeds of about 50 or 60 miles an hour which is also a big detriment if you are trying to compete with big trucks and fast cars on the highway.

However this is a good bike for just showing off, recreational purposes and just toodling around town to run errands.

Although any product called a mini-anything kind of implies that the product is built for children nothing could be further from the truth in the case of the 49cc mini harley chopper scooter.

The Harley Davidson Motorcycle company strongly advises that children under eighteen years old should NOT be allowed  to operate these machines, and if they do it must be under the strict supervision of adults. This is because it can be easy to lose control of these lightweight bikes that have a hair trigger sensitivity.

The Harley Davidson company also advises that those riding a 49cc mini harley chopper scooter should also wear a helmet, goggles and usual protective gear worn by riders of the "big hogs."

The great appeal of the 49 cc mini harley chopper scooter is it's miniature two stroke engine which is very fuel efficient. The engine is also very quiet, tending to purr in a civilized manner rather than growl like a big bad chopper. Although it is very light weight, the plush seat of this chopper can support a person who weighs as much as 300 pounds.

All of the styles of the 49 cc mini harley chopper scooters feature an adorable little two stroke engine as well as an electric ignition. The bike also   has a push button electric "push and pull" start. Each style of bike also comes with front and rear disk brakes which makes it a very safe bike in some ways. At least you won't pull a wheelie!

The fuel capacity of the gas tanks is half a gallon and the bike's idle speed is 2,200 rotations per minute. Stock parts that come with each bike include the head light, rear and brake lights, turning signals, rear view mirrors, an electric horn, a speedometer, battery gauge turn signals, hi beam lights and an odometer. All models of 49 cc mini harley chopper scooters also come with a custom charger and custom tool kit.

One great place to shop for scooters is which offers free shipping on the 49cc mini harley chopper scooter. The bikes on this site are offered at wholesale prices and if you buy one shipping is included. They also sell the mini harley 43cc model as well.

It is well worth your while to check out this site just to view the photographs of their 49cc mini harley chopper scooters. They are great sleek little machines that are offered in red, black, silver and yellow chrome. All mini harley chopper scooters also come with the Harley Davidson logo as well as a decorative fairing between the handlebars and seat that boasts a decorative burst of flames.

Otherwise, learn to build a 49cc mini harley chopper scooter.

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