Guide To V Twin Chopper Kits

V Twin Chopper Kits: Realize Your Dream

A Chopper is more than just a means of transport. It is a passion. It's one of the only vehicles where the rider is in constant touch with the nature.

If you find speed exciting, then nowhere else will you be able to experience the adrenaline rush as much as you will on a motorcycle.

Choppers that are mass produced and marketed by different companies are sturdy, fast, and hip, but many of them cannot be personalized with your stamp during the fabrication process.

These types of people need custom made bikes where they have the liberty to build a chopper of their dreams...the size, shape, and more.

Enter: V-Twin chopper kits. These kits can give you the liberty to add and remove any component to or from the motorcycle without spending the money for a show winning bike...

V Twin Chopper Kits: inexpensive way to make a fashion statement

V-Twin chopper Kits are actually a motorcycle in a box. Assimilate it well and you will have for yourself a lean, mean, bad-ass speeding machine. The most   interesting part of the story, however is that it can save you anywhere between  $14000 and $15000.

It is extremely important to know the basic mechanism behind the working of a chopper and have the fundamental things straightened out before attempting to build one for your own. If the instructions are too complicated to understand then a professional mechanic can do the assembling.

There is also a list of inventory with your V Twin chopper kit so that anything and everything required to build the chopper can be arranged.

It generally takes a pro one to three weeks to build a chopper from a kit. But actually the time taken is inversely proportional to the skill of the person building the chopper.

The Engine: The heart of V Twin chopper kits

Every chopper lover is familiar with the V Twin engine. The name of the engine originates from its shape. The two cylinders of the V-Twin engine are aligned in such a way that it looks like a "V". The shape reduces the length and weight of the engine. Generally the angle of the V is 90° but Harley- Davidson has achieved a 45° angle also. The two cylinders fire the pistons alternately thereby ensuring the continuous revolution of the crankshaft.

Accessories in V-Twin chopper kits

A chopper must look smart and some of the accessories provided by the V-Twin chopper kits without doubt are very fashionable. Some are not. You'll have to decide, and you can alway customize more, later on.

The seat is of primary importance. Not only does the seat enhance the look of a chopper, it is also an extremely important component that determines the level of comfort of the rider. Most V-Twin chopper kits have a variety of accessorries, and the design as well as the quality is quite good which will ensure that a long ride on a chopper is by no means tiresome. Some seats provide lower riding position while there is also a pillion pad at the back for a passenger. The use of leather gives the seats a sophisticated look and the clean and beautiful finish enhances the polished look.

V Twin chopper kit: Supplying everything that a chopper needs.

A lot of components are required to make a chopper and one can safely say that V-Twin chopper kits have them all. Be it the windshield, kick-start, tank, or luggage rack, most V Twin chopper kits are enough to meet all the requirements.   Instructions are clearly given about assimilating things like 2 into 1 exhaust system, electronic component and plug in wiring harness and brake line.

One need not be a technical wizard to handle most V-Twin chopper kits. But familiarity with tools, however, is definitely a must. You should also have a friend close by who can help you where you lack in skill, when it comes to piecing it together. Check out this video series for a wealth of information on putting it all together.

Those who love choppers can have the unique pleasure of building one for themselves. And most v twin chopper kits will please even the hard to please chopper lover.

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