The American Chopper Story...

American Chopper, a television show about choppers first aired in September of 2002 on the Discovery Channel. 

It's a reality television series that shows everything from motorcycle maintenance to construction of a custom chopper. Everything is included. From initial design to the end result...the ride.

But that's just the filler. On American Chopper, the real story lies in what happens during the construction of the choppers...

Imagine a new version of the fictional television show, Tim Allen made famous, Tool Time, but hyped up and all about choppers and you have the Discovery Channel’s show, American Chopper. 

American Chopper was originally meant to be a special on choppers and how they are built. A one time deal. But it garnered a great following, and now holds a time slot on Monday nights on the popular cable channel. The boys from Orange County Choppers host the reality television show. 

The drama, excitement and education involved in building the bikes.

The Orange County Chopper boys make the show entertaining, which is why people tune in weekly to see what antics they are up to for the week. The Discovery Channel was looking for a raw show. They were looking for something for the biker in all of us. That is when they found Orange County Choppers.

It's based out of New York, and made an agreement with the Discovery Channel who wanted them host the show. For viewers this arrangement worked out well. The show is a perfect blend of comedy, drama, and knowledge. 

American Chopper promises you will learn something and you can enjoy the eye candy that a custom chopper can provide, all while getting an amazing laugh at the Orange County Choppers team.

An inspiring show...

Watching American Chopper is inspiring to say the least, to see the satisfaction the Orange County Choppers have as the motorcycle is being built despite all the possible problems that can arise. 

it has a fan base of people that is comprised of those who ride motorcycles and ones that do not. The ones that do not ride choppers are guaranteed to want to after catching a show or two.   

A New Breed Of Reality TV...

The television show American Chopper is a new breed of reality TV, but it's also a representation of the old school biker mentality versus the new school...the duels between Paul Sr and Pual Jr are classic examples. 

All in all American Chopper is down to earth and interesting unlike so much of what you see out there. 

It's the top of the food chain for biker television. The hosts are Paul Sr, Paul Jr, Mikey and Vinnie. Paul Sr. is the owner of a successful company, Orange County Ironworks. His sons Paul Jr. and Mikey both work at his new company Orange County Choppers, along with Paul’s childhood friend Vinnie. 

Despite the company’s age Orange County Choppers have made quite an impression, since their first public appearance, in Daytona, FL at Biketoberfest. SIDE BAR: Orange County Choppers is a new business that sprouted from Orange County Ironworks. Orange County Ironworks is about 30 years mature but Orange County Choppers is ony five years old.

Today these men are the foremost authority on custom made choppers, which is why they were chosen for the show. They have yet to disappoint. With the success of their show, American Chopper may be on for several years to come. 

If you like to watch American Chopper then you are probably interested in how to build a chopper.You'll discover a new world of chopper building techniques...the real nuts and bolts stuff.

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