240 Chopper Frame Plans!

240 chopper frame

This is our new set of hardtail 240 chopper frame plans that has a pro street look to it.

Our senior engineer designed the plans, Mr. Noor, and he also had engineers red line them to be sure they were perfect. They are professional drawings that took hours of work to design and prepare.

Our plans are unique in that they have easy to read measurements and they also have sectional views. These features make it easier to see how the frame looks when you make the cuts on a specific plane. In addition, sectional views allows you to see the angels and bends clearly.

240 frame drawings

What you get from other plans for sale on the market are plans that have only horizontal and vertical dimensions. You can build a frame from plans with this limited features, but they are not easy to understand or read, and can be very cluttered and disorganized.

The actual set of plans will be delivered to you in a tube, and they are 72 inches by 26 inches!

This new set of 240 chopper frame plans has a rake of 30 degrees and uses 1.25" tubes. The length of the frame is 65 inches. The clearance is 4-5 inches using standard 26" diameter wheels.

240 pro street frame

Features of The 240 Rigid Chopper Frame:

  • Wheel Base: 65" (assuming 30 degree rake)
  • Tube Size: 1.25" DOM tube
  • Outside Frame Width: 13.25"
  • Inside Frame Width: 10.75"
  • Space Between Rear Axle Plates: 11"
  • Bottom Rail to Seat: 18"
  • Ground Clearance: 4-5"
  • Ground to Seat: 22-24"
240 chopper

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