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The Custom Chopper Report, Issue #12 -- Chopper Hand Tools
January 28, 2005

A Killer New Product And A Challenge

We have an interesting article/challenge for you below. But before we get into that
here is a product alert...

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Top 10 Hand Tools for the Biker's Garage(?)

It's important to keep your motorcycle road worthy. And as a result a biker's garage or a workshop requires a lot of equipment including hand tools.

You need to be able to repair and service your bike so that it maintains a level of safety and efficiency. Plus, you'll get a lot more miles on the road.

In this vein, we decided to attempt a list of the top 10 hand tools for a bikers garage. But this proved to be a very challenging task. Everyone has a lot more than 10 top tools they use.

So what we did was throw together a set of 10 tools we thought you might find interesting, even helpful. We are sure you'll disagree on a few too. But we want you to e-mail us your top 5 or 10 hand tools.

Drop us a line on this and we'll share the results (coming up shortly is going to be a similar challenge for the top 10 tools for the road. This one is going to be really challenging).

Here is a list of 10 hand tools that you
may or may not find helpful

(let us know which ones you agree with and
which ones you would ad to the list)…

  • Sealy Drop Forged Hammer Sets: These come with 3 different hammers which are made of steel and have composite handles with a rubber grip for easy non-slip action. It can be very useful in repairing dents and bumps in the body of you bike. It's available in a tough storage case.

  • Hog Ring Pliers: These are available as individual pliers and also in a set. These can be useful for speedy installation and changing of a seat cover for your bike if you wish to have one. Extra hog rings are also available.

  • Gorilla Power Wrenches and Kits: Has double the torque of a regular lug wrench. Movable handle can extend up to 22". Can remove even the tightest of nuts from the tightest of spots. Made of hardened steel with chrome vanadium steel sockets. Collapses to 14" for easy storage. It is perfect for wheels which have the minimum space between wheel and nuts. A really cool addition to your garage tools!

  • Sheet Metal Crimping Tool: Has non-slip grooved forged steel jaws and a gauge adjustment that can be operated by your fingertips. You can adjust the jaw width and make it more for production work or lessen it for close tolerance needs. It's 7 ½ inches in length and allows easy setting of any repair patches.

  • Oil Filter Pliers: Changing the oil and checking the oil filters is very important for proper maintenance of your motorcycle. These pliers have long handles of 7 ¾ inches, to get into the really tight spots and give enough torque for easy removal and changing of oil filters. A slim and sleek design and made of steel with plastic coated handles for an easy non-slip grip.

  • Franklin Panel Dent Repair Tool Sets: A useful addition to any garage. This set includes adaptor and drill for removing small dents from the body of a motorcycle.

  • Gator Grip Universal Socket: This one tool can replace a lot of other tools. It does the work of Standard sockets, standard pliers and wrenches. Adjusts to square nuts, screws and also rusted and rounded nuts! It has an alloy steel body, and 54 steel pins inside the socket set for easy adjusting of all types of nuts.

  • MIT Complete 18 Volts Drill Set: This unique and small drill set packs quite a punch! It is cordless and so you can avoid all the hassles of cables and wires. The drill can be used with the A/C power cord or even without it. Comes in a stylish case for easy storage. The drill comes with batteries and is very simple to use.

  • Pro Screwdriver and Bit Set: Includes screwdrivers with firm grip for greater torque. Color coded for easy organization in your garage. Also has a precision screwdriver for micro fastening. Comes in a stylish and cool case.

  • Adjustable Wrench Set: This is a must have for any garage or workshop. These are heavy duty wrenches made of drop forged steel and are triple chrome plated. They have heat-treated jaws for precision adjusting.

Agree with this list? Disagree? E-mail us to ad to the list and we'll share your thoughts.

PS: Don't forget about the new manual and the limited time special discount and bonus.


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