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The Custom Chopper Report, Issue #19 -- Powder Coat
April 13, 2005

Discover Powder Coating...

Hello comrade,

One of us watched a Russian movie last
night and I guess the lingo is a little contagious. But you really are a comrade to us!

We put several articles up over the last couple of weeks. Two of them are on one of the fastest trends in the automotive world: Powder coating. They are listed below. The rest of the articles you will have to find for yourself ;-) Hey, you might find some things you haven't seen before.

Secondly, we are sending out another killer update to the How To Build A Chopper Frame manual. It is really good, and you're going to love it (Assuming you spent the measily $18.95 to get it). Also, the newest update to Motorcycle Painting Secrets is coming in a couple of weeks too. It's going to be super-good. Best of all, you get all the updates for f.r.e.e. You can't get this kind of service when you buy a regular book!

OK, here are a couple of articles for you to ponder...

Powder Coating

Motorcycle Powder Coating


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