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The Custom Chopper Report, Issue #0013 -- Tools For The Road
February 05, 2005

Do You Carry Tools On The Road?

In the last newsletter we asked for your list of
garage or workshop hand tools.

As promised we are asking you to take up another small challenge...

Having tools at hand is very essential for bikers as you can never predict when you might get stuck off road or where your motorcycle might break down. Having a set of necessary hand tools can help a biker to get out of a bad situation if no other help is forthcoming.

So we have another challenge for you. Since we know that every biker has a different idea of what tools they should carry on the road, we want to know what your favorite, most reliable on the road tools are. E-mail your list to us.

Here is a list we threw together for you to dissect and scrutinize. Let us know what you think…

Multi Gear Wrench: Very important to tighten and unfasten nuts and bolts. A multi gear wrench can be one way or reversible type, with or without a lever on the wrench for forward and reverse movements.

Allied Switch Grip Dual Action Pliers: These are two different pliers in one tool. They help to turn as well as to crimp. Handle moves so as to give you two different types of pliers' jaws; flat nose jaws and long nose jaws. Can easily strip 12 and 16 gauge wires. The jaws are spring loaded and made of chrome nickel and have precision machined teeth and cutting edges.

Sidewinder T Handle Ratchet: Works by the regular ratchet motion or by turning the T handle. Very small, can fit in your palms and is ideal for tight spots where a normal ratchet motion is not feasible. Made of chrome alloy steel. Each 180 degree turn of this ratchet is equal to 4 turns of a normal one. Mechanism is hardened and heat treated and can handle up to 190 ft/ lbs of torque.

S-K 5Pc Expert Screw Driver Set: Has an ergonomic twin material design and a non-slip grip which makes it easier to tighten and provides comfort. Set includes 2 Phillips and 3 slotted expert screwdrivers. Screwdrivers have precision vapor blasted tips for excellent torque stability in screw head recess.

Tire Bead Breaker: Breaks and separates bead from the rim of the tire without any damage to the tire, tube, and rim. You can turn the 21mm spreader nut and the 2 cast iron alloy arms will apply pressure till the bead is released.

Performance Tool 7 Pc U Joint Socket Adapter Set: Even though this is a 7 pc set it is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand so will not take up much space in your motorbike. Set has 3 u-joints of sizes ¼", 3/8", and ½". Includes 4 socket adapters of various sizes.

Uni Pry Bar: The uni pry bar is 12" in length and has 5 adjustable angles for better applications.

Cable and Wire Cutter: Has a stamped carbon steel jaw, and a handle of 14 gauge formed steel. Comes with an easy swivel thumb latch closure with a steel rivet attached to the handle. Can cut through 1/16" and 3/16" diameter wire.

Locking Chain Clamp: Made of carbon steel. Has a solid grip which will not slip and damage thin wall tubing. Has an adjustable ratcheting action for ease of use.

Multipurpose tool: A very essential all in one, much like a Swiss army knife. Folds up to be only 1" by 1 ½" by 4 ½". Has a wire cutter, needle nose and regular pliers, a file, bottle opener, Phillips screwdriver, a knife blade, and 3 slotted screwdrivers of different sizes. Small in size but big in function.

Do you agree, disagree? Do you want to ad your own? Let us know what you think and send us your list.

7 Day Deadline Extended Until February 10th

Several people e-mailed us yesterday and asked if it was too late to get Motorcycle Painting Secrets because they just read the last newsletter and didn't know. So we decided to extend the deadline for Motorcycle Painting Secrets until February 10th. After that, the price goes up and we may be taking out the special bonus altogether and sell it separately.


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