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The Custom Chopper Report, Issue #007 -- 5 New Articles And A Deadline Extension
October 30, 2004

5 More Articles And A Deadline Extension...

Quick Update: We have extended the deadline on our new manual How To Build A Chopper Frame Vol. 1. Several valued newsletter subscribers (just like you) opened their newsletter late and missed the deadline so we decided to extend the deadline until Monday, November 1st.

We were going to wait at least another week to put up some new articles for you to enjoy, but since we had the above deadline extension issue we put up a few more articles in advance. As a result you may not hear from us for a couple of weeks. Hope you can handle it ;-)

Here they are...

Pocket Choppers

Used Choppers For Sale

Rolling Chopper Chassis

Chopper Handle Bars

Chopper Sissy Bar

Have a good one!



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