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Costly Mistakes Bike Builders Make And How To Avoid Them!

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What Current Subscribers To "Costly Mistakes Bike Builders Make And How To Avoid Them!" Are Saying...

"It really teaches you where the mistakes could be before you make them which will save you a lot of grief!"

David Larmar, Brisbane Australia

"It is a good reminder about some small mistake that could cause a big headache later in the build!"

Angus Gillingham, Newfoundland Canada

"I really enjoy the information that goes beyond the surface of issues and delves into the complete issue A-Z!"

Jeffrey S McElrath, N.C.

"Your Mini Course shows things that are so simple you wonder why you didn't think of them!"

Brandon Sagrillo Colorado

"I worked with metal almost my whole life and there are basic mistakes that I have forgotten which you have brought to mind I really enjoyed the bit about power coating that it chips off I have since changed my mind in powder coating my frame."

Phillip du Tpot, South Africa North West Province, KlerksDorp