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Mar 31, 2015

How To Add Length To The Motorcycle Lift

Follow these tips if you want to add length to the motorcycle lift if your bikes are too large for the current lift table design.

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Mar 05, 2015

1967 HD Trike

Custom Built Three Wheeler: 1967 Custom Harley Davidson Trike. Engine: 1967 Harley Davidson. Pan/shovel 30 over s&s carb, andrews “a” grind cam.

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Feb 10, 2015

Chopper Building Books Reviewed!

A list of the most popular chopper building books and a short review of each of them.

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Feb 08, 2015

05 Super Glide Bobber Style

I bought this bike new FXDI Super Glide and started to custom it into a bobber. First was the Burly lowering shocks 2, modified the swing arm so a 200

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Jan 24, 2015

Mini Chopper Project For My Grandson!

Almost three months and one bent axel, several stripet threads and broken bolts, this mini chopper came out like this. The seat height is 19 inches whellbase

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Jan 21, 2015

1972 Iron Head

Just a bike I have owned many years. I mostly put it together with old swap meet parts. The frame is a 1972. The engine is out of a 1971 that was rebuilt

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Jan 14, 2015

Customizing A Royal Enfield 500!

Hello there. It has been a wonderful experience working on this Royal Enfield 500 build. There were challenges as well as moments of joy on overcoming

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Dec 20, 2014

1962 aio BSA Road Rocket

I started this BSA project with just a motor and trany that I found. The bike is a hard tail frame. I removed the tail section and grafted a 499 twin

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Dec 18, 2014

Jig, Frame, Springer Chopper Projects!

Here are some of the projects I work on as a hobby when I am not working. The first picture is of my homemade jig with a rigid sportster style frame I

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Dec 18, 2014

The Honda CB750 Chopper

A honda cb750 chopper is one of the top japanese imports to customize.

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Dec 16, 2014

Build An English Wheel

An build an english wheel with our guide that shows you step by step how to assemble it.

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Dec 06, 2014

Softail Bobber Frame Assembly Guide

This step by step softail bobber frame assembly tutorial will show you how to build the frame.

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Dec 05, 2014

Frame Jig Assembly Guide

A frame jig assembly tutorial for a hardtail or softtail chopper chassis.

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Dec 02, 2014

4 Bikes I've Built Over The Years

The bikes above are just a few I've built over the years. The chopped red bike was my first build. I've been riding it since 1974. It's a 1969 BSA Thunderbolt

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Dec 02, 2014

1969 BSA Chopper

This bike was built by myself in 1973. It's a 1969 BSA Thunderbolt. The frame is a hard tail, and a rake that is just enough to keep the motor level. The

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Nov 20, 2014

Chopper Frame Materials

A list of frame materials you'll need to build a wide tire 300mm chassis for a rigid bobber or chopper.

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Nov 01, 2014

Another question about engine and frame titles

I bought a 1968 650 Triumph Bonneville. I got a bill of sale only. This engine is a basket case. I want to build a frame for it. Would I use the engine

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Oct 30, 2014

Chopper Body Shop

Customer opens chopper body shop thanks custom choppers guide.

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Sep 30, 2014

Tube Bender Plans

A set of tube bender plans designed to bend tubing for your chopper frame projects or other metalworking projects.

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Sep 19, 2014

Sportster XL883C

The bike is a 2005 xl883c. I have added many extras and did most the work myself. I really like the look I have created but would like to extend the front

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Sep 16, 2014

Best Tube Bending Methods

Building motorcycles and cars requires tube bending, and here are some tips on getting a tube bender.

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Aug 26, 2014

Build Your Own Chopper Motorcycle

Here's how to build your own chopper motorcycle on DVD.

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Aug 14, 2014

Motorcycle Painting Tutorial

A motorcycle painting guide with step by step directions on preparation for airbrushing and more.

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Aug 14, 2014

Air Adjustable Shock?

Just purchased your softail plans. I am considering an air adjustable shock. Do you know of anyone who has used one? If so, I thought it may help narrow-down

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Aug 02, 2014

1940 UH 80 Inch Flathead

This is an original flathead tank, repop rear fender, a skull dash, and a few other minor parts. The 1938 frame has a 30 degree neck change, and it's

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Aug 01, 2014

Stinkeys Bike Building Projects!

As you can see I like to keep busy with my projects, and tend to have something on the go at any given time. I like the fabricating side of bike building

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Jul 31, 2014

Softail Frame Joint Instead Of Tight Radius Bend

Building a frame joint instead of a tough radius bend on the softial bobber frame.

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Jul 23, 2014

1973 FX 1200 Shovelhead

Here's a pick of my 1973 FX 1200 shovelhead. This really kicks ass. The only reason I pull up at 125 mph is the single caliper brakes, but this is the

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Jul 18, 2014

Tips On Custom Chopper Wiring

A guide to custom chopper wiring and custom motorcycle wiring.

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Jul 13, 2014

Here's How To Build A Chopper Frame

Details on how to build a chopper frame from the ground up and with step by step instructions.

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Jul 09, 2014

Oil Cooler For A Shovelhead

I built my shovelhead in Oregon and ran Valvoline 60 Wt Racing Oil in both the engine and primary without an oil cooler in the Summer time and never had

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Jun 29, 2014

Harley Davidson 1200 Evo Bobber

This is my 1200 evo bobber moon equipped oil tank s&s carburetor. It is a 1989 xl883 on the log book but believed to my knowledge it is the 1200 evo sportster

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Jun 28, 2014

Paughco Rigid S&S 117"

Here is my story. I recently got obsessed with harleys and choppers, so I bought an 84 virago to bob out and resell to afford a Harley project. Well that

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Jun 27, 2014

Time To Build A 1981 KZ 550 Bobber!

I'm a barber in Olympia, Washington, and was recently given a 1981 Kawasaki KZ550 F by one of my customers! The first picture This is the bike pretty much

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Jun 21, 2014

Lift Table Questions and Answers

If you have motorcycle lift table questions then you should check through this resource.

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Jun 20, 2014

Ground Clearance

What should the ground clearance be for your chopper so that you are not grinding rails?

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Jun 17, 2014

Build A Bobber

You can build a bobber as a ground up project or a bobber kit build.

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Jun 15, 2014

WLA Bobber Motorcycle

The wla bobber is a flathead world war II harley davidson military motorcycle that has been customized.

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Jun 14, 2014

Suzuki Chopper Builds!

A suzuki chopper is a good project bike and these backyard chopper builds are proof.

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Jun 10, 2014

Bobber Kits

This bobber kits resource will show you how and where to get the best kits cheap.

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Jun 09, 2014

How To Build A Chopper

A few tips on how to build a chopper and how to get you started building a chopper or kit bike.

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Jun 08, 2014

Low Budget Rigid Custom Bike Project

I have ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY in this rigid custom... The picture above is during the sheetmetal mock-up. I have bartered for every single part on this

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