Shovelhead Bobber Build Part 5: Shovelhead Bobber Building Tips and Shop Advice

measuring tools

Shovelhead Bobber Building Tips:

Measure twice or more for everything you do.

I have pictures of my Henrob welding torch. Please note that the lower rail jig that slides along my main jig.

I can use this lower rail so that it goes off the main jig so that it keeps everything in line for when I weld the under side of the rigid bobber chassis I am building.

Here are some pictures if my build and some of my welds.

rigid frame build
shovelhead bobber frame
Luke with torch

And a picture of my messed up shed. If you're at it then it may get like this. But I've cleaned it up now. Don't let it get to bad or you got a lot of trip hazards and its hard to find stuff take time to clean up now and then...

shop shed
fabrication shed

Shovelhead Bobber Building Tips Continued:

Your safety (beware of cutting thin metal with a grinder) I was lucky this time. The thin metal of the tank rapped around the grinder and smashed the disk.

My messy shed I have cleaned it up since between this project and my regular job and looking after my other home of course I let things get pretty bad. Try not to let this happen. It's hard to find stuff you put down and there are a lot of trip hazards.

grinder accident
shop safety

Shovelhead Bobber Building Tips Conclusion: My Welder

Just a bit on my welder (the Henrob DCH 2000). It's a gas welder running on 4 psi Oxy-Acetylene. It welds stainless to mild steel and alloy as well if you do a google search on you tube you will see true demonstrations of it working.

Like anything it takes practice to learn every different aspect of it capacity once you master it in one form step to the next. Do not attempt to do everything straight away or it will not be used and just sit on your shelf. It is good for thin steel to and can weld even a coke can. So great for panel work and sheet. and can cut like a plasma which I have not attempted it as I'm still learning how to use it in other forms of welding.

My chassis may be only 250 mpa strength but it is fully gusseted and is a thicker wall pipe of 3.2mm wall. I know it is strong just by feeling it. And have been told by my welding mates and some bosses in the field of structural engineering that it is good for the purpose. It is still just a mock up though.

I want to know I've done the best I can on this shovelhead bobber frame build so I will use the dom tube. And this as a template for measuring my mounts etc. in the future and do I intend to finish it.

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