Gussets Brackets and Mounts: Shovelhead Bobber Build Part 3

In regards to gussets brackets and mounts:

Remember this bike is purpose built and is intended as a bar hopper only. I have a 73 shovel for cruising and a Triumph 07 Bonnie black for work and and a more sporty ride all a round, and an old AJS for club rides. Where I live there are no corners for 200 miles. So the rake doesn't phase me.

So a bit on gussets, brackets, and mounts. I found this interesting, they serve more than one purpose, or can. I don't think any chopper site covers this in detail and is a good topic.


  • They must look good
  • They must serve there purpose and be strong
  • They must give you access to nuts and bolts and be of no obstical to hose's.
  • The gussets should not be welded on the ends to prevent cracking of the chassis. Only welded on the sides.
  • Gussets and mounts can be designed to mount other hardware. You may like to add to the bike later, like a oil pressure gauge off the rear engine mount hidden away.


Brackets are used on my chassis as extra strength and barriers for flying objects as well in particular my front engine mount. But saying all this, mounts should not hinder air flow to the engine (you don't want it over heating.)

The welder I'm using is the Henrob DCH 2000 oxy welder. I've trialed the strength of these welds personally and am completely satisfied for the strength of these welds so much so I left my tig alone.

I did have trouble cutting the slots for the axle plates after I welded the back bone tube and wishbone section in. Yes, do the slots first.  As a matter of fact I did this hole process different to the norm with each piece welded separate to the chassis instead of welding the complete top section in the jig first (but I know now, so not a problem. And I did wing-it somehow.)

The job could have been so much simpler if I read and followed instruction. Really you guys are a valuable source of information that should not be taken for granted.

I'm building a fuel tank out of an old English Austen car bonnet as the metal is much stronger and the metal is already shaped, so no need for an english wheel to get the sides rounded. I'll try to build a round oil bag out of a piece of straight stainless pipe an off cut ill get for nothing from work. Thanks guys ill be back soon.

More of Luke's bobber build might be found on his web site, but we didn't link to it because his site has not been updated at this time and his forum has lots of spam on it so we don't think he's able to spend time on it. Hey we are all busy. It's bad to link to sites with spam on them. Sorry Luke! Let us know if that changes buddy!

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