Gusset Plates For Motorcycle Table Lift Plans!

We received a question on gusset plates on our motorcycle lift table plans, so we thought this might help you if you are having the same problem. If you are looking for information on plates for a frame this article might help you. Otherwise here is the question:

"I have been working on the plans for the Bike lift that I purchased last week. I am having difficulty working out the dimensions of the gusset plates on the choke plate. Do you have a DXF or DWG file of these parts or even a pdf of them individually would be of assistance. Look forward to your reply. Thanks, Mick Bayley."

Here's the response for this question:

Here some photos of the specific parts.  They are all symmetrical and should be bent in order to fit.  The plate edges should be flat and will be fillet welded.  All of the bend angles were provided on the drawing.  Please feel free to let us know if there is anything else we can provide to help you out.