New Motorcycle Trailer Plans!

Our new motorcycle trailer plans makes building a trailer easy. It's 43 pages of detailed views that are simple to understand, and the final product will work well, last a long time, and you can use it for more than just hauling bikes...

motorcycle trailer

43 Page Guide Makes It Easy To Build:

If you want to build a trailer without tons of headaches, save some serious money, and have a trailer that is heavy duty, lasts forever, and can double as a hauler or box trailer, then this is for you.

Motorcycle Trailer Features:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW): 3000 lbs.
  • Box size: 110” x 70”
  • Motorcycle carrying capacity: 2
  • Removable bike supports
  • Removable side panels and rear panel
  • AL-KO U 29 axle with torsion rubber suspension
  • Electrical brakes

The price of this 43 page set of custom motorcycle trailer plans is just $69.95 $9.95.

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More Details:

The bottom line is our 43 page set of motorcycle trailer plans are are simple, detailed, and easy to follow.

The custom motorcycle trailer blueprints are made for a multipurpose trailer which could be used as a box trailer and a motorcycle carrier.

Here is a look at the trailer with a simple platform to load the bikes...

motorcycle trailer and ramp

The trailer is running on an AL-KO U 29 axle with rubber torsion elements and brake system. The GVW (gross vehicle weight) being 3000 lbs. the trailer should be fitted with a brake system. We are recommending an electrical brake system for this weight class.

The manufactured parts for this custom motorcycle trailer are shown in the plans.

If you want this trailer to look a little more custom you can modify it to satisfy your creative side. Make it match your custom bike! Think of this design as your template to work off of. Or, just ad killer rims to it.

Here is another look...

motorcycle trailer blueprints

To make these plans easy to follow we kept it very simple and functional. Function is more important when it comes to tools and equipment, right?

This 43 page set of motorcycle trailer plans is just $69.95 $9.95.

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What Customers Are Saying:

"I purchased your springer front end plans which I might add are great, and easy to read. The details, and spec's are clear well printed, and the size of the print is awesome, and looks great hanging on the wall. Hell I can read them from the work bench. I would recommend you guys to anyone looking to take on such a task. Thanks again. I'm sure we will do business again soon."

Rick in Kingston
Ontario, Canada

"Your plans have a nice style and you have a really good support crew!"
Brandon Sagrillo
Colorado, USA

"Your plans makes it simple to build!"

Vincent "lilgas69" Cancro
Columbus, Ohio

"I like the detail on the plans! And the list of matirials that is needed is great."

Moondog Medrano Anthony
New Mexico, USA

"The hard copy plans are very clean and professionally drawn on CAD."

David Pratt
Eastern Cape
South Africa

"The blueprints are truly a work of art! My wife already has plans to frame them so she can hang them on our living room walls! Thanks so much for the great customer service."

Jason Davis
Eight Mile, Alabama

"I like the attention to detail, and that the drawings already have measurments on them."

Jeremy Diggs
Washington, MO USA


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