The Little Known Little Sturgis

The OTHER Sturgis Motorcycle Rally: Little Sturgis...

Every motorcycle enthusiast knows about Sturgis, South Dakota's motorcycle rally which occurs each fall. But did you know there is another Sturgis Motorcycle Rally held each year? Yes! This all-bike rally, often called "Little Sturgis" is held in Sturgis, Mississippi which boast of a population of 206 people.

Each year on the third weekend in Augustmotorcycles gather from far   and wide in this tiny, sleepy little town for a weekend of fun and fellowship during the Sturgis All-Bike Motorcycle Rally. Thousands of bikes of every make, model and type line the main street (there is only one street in Sturgis); in 2004 over 30,000 motorcycles crowded into this small town to enjoy motorcycle games, stunt jumps, view vendors wares, entertainment and much more.

Nearby campgrounds become major communal parties as the bikers visit with one another and compare notes on their scoots, hometowns and road trips. From sunrise to late into the night, the tiny town of Sturgis, Mississippi turns into a big city for a brief weekend.

This little town grew from a settlement located along the Illinois Central railroad which was built through the area in 1883. The town is named in honor of one of the stockholders in the railroad line. In 1902, Sturgis was incorporated as a town. McKinnon's Store, established in 1922 is THE main shopping choice in Sturgis. The town is truly that small.

Known as a very peaceful, quiet little town, Sturgis looks forward to the influx of bikers for the weekend. All the 206 locals come out to see what awesome machines are displayed along the main drag, known as Highway 12. Lawn chairs stake out each of the locals spot to view the motorcycles and people. People-watching is almost as popular as motorcycle-watching for this special weekend.

If you happen to be anywhere within range of Sturgis, Mississippi, then Little Sturgis is a ride you don't want to miss. 2005 is the ninth year for the rally, and this all-bike event is know to be one of the most peaceful, brotherly rallies of the biking year.

If you'd like to learn more about Little Sturgis, visit little sturgis! Get your camping gear ready to hit the road for this fun event! Experience the cordiality for which the Deep South is so well known.

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