Kawasaki Bobber Chopper

by Darren
(Saskatoon, SK, Can.)

Kawasaki Bobber Chopper

Kawasaki Bobber Chopper

Re: My Kawasaki Bobber

Hey guys, I built a simple reliable KZ650 vintage bobber. I love the bike and everything about it, but I cant seem to track down a custom frame. I've built my own frame components to make it a hardtail, lowered it, and built a seat and tank mounts for a '68 Harley peanut tank, vintage springer e Pera seat, and custom mounts for license plate and taillight. However, I'd like a stretch, I'd like to see it lower, and I'd like to see a bit of rake on the stock front end. For all these mods it would be much easier and probably a thousand times cleaner in appearance to get a custom bobber frame, however I haven't had much luck finding anything for it.

Update on this Kawasaki KZ650 Chopper.

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Jan 14, 2010
hard tail
by: Darren

sorry bud, when it comes to hard tails for kawasakis, youre on your own. i could probably fabricate one if i had a kz440 to work off of, but youd still have to get someone to weld it on, and it would probably be best to jig it before you weld it up.

Jan 13, 2010
by: Darren

right on man, sounds rad. im going to be tearing her down this week to do a full rigid wishbone out back, ditching the weld in hardtail and the swingarm for a full frame with a single backbone, uncluttering the framework a lot will be good for her. also anyone on this page can check out my youtube updates, http://www.youtube.com/bigsky89

Jan 13, 2010
bobber 440
by: Anonymous

yo darren whats up i think i've seen your bike on youtube. i'm building a kaw 440 and was just wondering if you knew where to get a hardtail for it?

Sep 11, 2009
I'm done with mockup
by: KZ1000police

I've started searching for "Kawasaki bobbers" on the net. I realize your post is old but I'm going to be posting the final assembly as it progresses.
Your bike looks awesome! I lowered and streched mine with a hardtail I fabricated, and stripped the triple tube backbone to one. I'm mounting the coils on a custom made battery box. It's going to be "badass"! E-mail me @ bentsteel53@gmail if you haven't found a solution and I'll send a pic of the bare frame. Good luck! Greg

Jul 10, 2009
by: Darren

thanks guys, been doing a lot of work, still dunno what im doing with the frame, but the rest of the bike is coming together amazingly, enough so that changing the frame hasnt really occurred to me that much.

Jul 09, 2009
by: franchise1377@aol.com

check out G&Lchoppers.com they will make you a custom hardtail for about 350 there website is awsome hope thise helps.

Jul 09, 2009
bobber frame
by: Anonymous

Hi there. i picked up a kawasaki kz 750 and bobbed it out also. you dont need a new frame man. you need to lower the bike more. it will give you rake and length( or the appearance of length). what i did was leave the swingarm on and cut the top frame bars off and let the bike fall to the height i wanted without sacrificing too much room for a seat. put a block of wood or whatever under the frame to keep the bike at the height you want and reweld the rear end top frame bars on. it works

Apr 27, 2009
Frame it
by: Darren

thanks, they do good work, i like what i see. im bound and determined to build my own, so ive talked to a few greybeards and figured out a best method to building my own frame, using a donor frame from another bike, same model and year. beleive me, when i build it, it will get posted. thanks!

Apr 22, 2009
If your still looking for a frame
by: Mo Slick (Las Vegas)

Check out G&L Choppers out of Colorado. I think you'll like what you see.

Mo Slick
Flaming Knights MC
Ch44 Las Vegas, NV.

Dec 10, 2008
Devil's in the Details
by: Anonymous

Hey Darren, did ya pick a frame yet or do ya gotta kiss up to Santa big time?
What year is your 650? I've got a bunch of leftovers from the donor bike I stripped for my KZ750 Twin cafe bike. I even have a complete frame, already stripped down in case you want to fab on that and still ride the bobber.
Shipping would not be cost prohibitive as you are only next door in SK. I may even know of someone passing your way or vica versa.
Just for sh*ts and giggles, here are some other '77 KZ650C1 bits I have: Nitrous Oxide plumbed head, starter, complete bottom end/trans/covers/clutch pack, clutch cable, alternator stator and rotor, complete points setup, probably more I forgot. If you need anything, email me direct at rider75 AT telus DOT net. I prefer to horsetrade but will sell for PayPal funds if I have to :)

Brent in Peace River, AB

Nov 25, 2008
by: Darren

cool, small world. ive done some researching and decided on either a frame that ive picked out, or stripping the old girl right down to the frame and doing some major fabbing. thanks, ill check into that.

Nov 21, 2008
Chopper frame
by: Brian

Hi Darren
Your bike is very cool, in fact I think I saw it one day on Circle Dr. I was rooting around on the net the other day and 'Red Neck Engineering' builds hard tail frames for all sorts of engine combos. The frames are reasonalbly priced too. Hope this helps.
Good luck

Aug 17, 2008
thanks guys
by: Darren

thanks guys, looked into both of these. so many cool options for this bike, trying to keep it pretty low budget.

Aug 04, 2008
Custom frames for KZ's
by: Anonymous

Hey Brother,
Do a google search for Cycle One. They are located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. They have a nice rigid frame for around a grand and will custom tailor it to your rake/neck specs.

I've got a '76 B1 750 Twin but decided to do it up Cafe Racer style. Once that bike is done (I'm wrenching on it right now), I have a sidecar project on the go for my BMW and an '83 Honda CM250 Custom my Daughter and I are building for her (along the same Bobber lines as your KZ is right now). Then, if I'm still on the right side of the grass, I'll scout around for a good KZ1100 for a rigid chopper project.

Brent in Peace River, Alberta

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