Powder Coating Problems and How To Avoid Them

When it comes to building motorcycles, no matter how hard you try problems will come up. If asked, "what are the biggest problems you run into when assembling your chopper?" most experts will start ambling off laundry lists of problems.

Some are common and some are not so common...it is difficult to know what to look for.

Luckily for you, we have gathered some of the most common and most important issues that experienced bike builders run across.

Powder Coating Problems: Costly Mistakes Custom Motorcycle Builders Make And How To Avoid Them #1:

There are at least two potential problems that stem from powder coating. The first is an electrical problem that could be universal to the bike. If the electrical system is not properly grounded, you will eventually have problems with your entire electrical system, including your instruments.

When you ground the negative side of your electrical system to the frame, the powder coating must be removed to the bare metal at the contact. If not, your circuits will be isolated and cause all kinds of screwy problems later down the road.

The second problem deals with the engine and transmission mounts.

In about 300 + miles, the paint will begin to powder between the engine mounts and the frame. At that point, the engine or transmission will begin to "walk" and the bolts will break, causing your engine or transmission to do something horrible! 

While we are on the engine and transmission mounts, it is strongly recommended that careful attention be paid to the engine and transmission mounts (tabs) on the frame. See that they are level and flat with respect to the engine and transmission mounts. If they are not square with the engine and transmission, the crankcase can be twisted when the mounting bolts are snugged down. This could cause all sorts of internal engine alignment problems, leading to premature engine failure or poor belt tracking.

How to Correct Problem...

Electrical Grounding:

When you ground the negative side of your electrical system to the frame, the powder coating must be removed at the contact point.

Engine & Transmission mounting

Make sure that the engine/transmission mounting tabs are level with respect to the engine and transmission mounting face. Remove all paint from the frame mounting points, so that when the bolts are tightened you will have a line-to-line fit.

If A Powder Coating Problem Occurs a Second Time:

It is not expected that this should happen a second time after having had the experience of an engine loosening or falling off the first time!

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