Insider Tips from Craig Naff on Fender Making

craig naff metalworkingIn the Shop with Craig Naff: Craig Naff is one of the finest metalworkers in the nation, with milestone credits to his name such as the Smoothster, Cadzilla, and SmoothNess.

The image to the left shows an image of a car that Craig is working on, but don't let this fool you if you arelooking for custom motorcycle building techniques. Why? Because he spends a great deal of time demonstrating metalworking techniques and specifically, how to make a motorcycle fender.

This video features a tour through Craig’s shop, where he shows several cars under construction, and a number of his custom-built and personalized metal shaping machines. After the tour through the shop, he does a marvelous demonstration of making a spirited motorcycle fendor with a wired and beaded edge. You’ll be amazed as the fender takes shape, with each piece formed so perfectly that little finish work is needed.

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